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Mantoloking Cops Take One of the Best Ice Bucket Challenges Yet


Mantoloking police officers took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Wednesday, and theirs may be one of the best yet!

Instead of taking just a bucket of water over their heads, a group of borough officers went just a bit above and beyond – by substituting an entire front loader’s worth of water for a paltry bucket.


The officers tagged the entire Bay Head, Point Pleasant Beach and Point Pleasant Borough police departments to take the “challenge” next.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has swept social media, and the nation as a whole, in recent weeks. Those challenged by a friend must pour a bucket of water over their heads and donate $10 toward research for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or forgo the challenge and be on the hook for a $100 donation.

As of Wednesday, according to the ALS Association, $31.5 million in donations has been generated by the challenge by way of 637,527 new donors.

  • Chief Wahoo

    That’s the most dangerous thing these overpaid ticket writers will ever see…..careful boys , don’t want to jeopardize those golden pensions.

  • JIm

    Hey Chief A-Hole, why can’t you just shut up and go away! You are the most negative person in the world!!!!