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How Clean is Brick’s Water?

The Brick Township Reservoir (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Brick Township Reservoir (Photo: Daniel Nee)

In a separate report, Shorebeat summarized the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority’s efforts to protect the Metedeconk River Watershed, the source of most of Brick’s drinking water. So we thought we’d take a look at the latest water tests conducted by the agency to see how clean our water is in town. Fortunately, the report showed Brick’s water quality exceeding federal standards across the board.

The full report can be downloaded here, but we’ve included some highlights below.

The report shows:


Brick: 0.02
Federal Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL): 0.3

Units of Coliform Bacteria (percentage of samples)
Brick: 0
Federal MCL: 5 percent

Chlorite (parts per million)
Brick: Less than 0.01
Federal MCL: 1

Nitrate/Nitrites (parts per million)
Brick: 0.6 ppm
Federal MCL: 10 ppm

Lead (parts per million)
Brick: 0.0005 ppm
Federal MCL: 0.015 ppm

Brick: 0.0001
Federal MCL: 0.002

Total Dissolved Solids (parts per million)
Brick: 128 ppm
Federal MCL: 500 ppm

  • Brandy the Dog

    I’m happy to hear this! A bit off topic, I love to walk around this reservoir, my dog does also.

    • Brandy the Dog

      Who don’t? /

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Dan, I’d like to show you an 8″ asbestos sewer line that crosses over the river just east of Rt. 9. Last I saw it, the supports for the pipeline were in very bad shape.Well, it might be iron but it still looks foreboding.

  • #@#.com

    The Metedeconk River runs between all the Rt. 88 car dealers and repair shops in Lakewood and the Lakewood Industrial park. They all dump toxic industrial waste into the river, whether intentionally or not. Does anyone realize how much gasoline, diesel and motor oil run off is flowing into our drinking water?

  • Jim Martyn

    Then why do we have high levels of lead in many of our homes and in the schools drinking water? Almost any lead levels at all causes a great amount of damage to the brain! This is especially damaging to children 6 and under! DAN does the MUA have any report on this? What is their excuses for this? Brick taxpayers have paid a fortune for reservoirs, safe drinking water and unbelievably amounts of tax dollars for multiple do nothing MUA commissioners salaries. Something is not right!