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Brick Purchases Sewer Vacuum, Backhoe Loader for $426K

A combination jet-vacuum sewer cleaner. (File Photo)
A combination jet-vacuum sewer cleaner. (File Photo)

Brick Township officials purchased a combination jet-vacuum sewer cleaner vehicle and a new backhoe loader from a cooperative at the Oct. 7 council meeting.

The sewer cleaning apparatus from Atlantic Machinery was purchased for $331,318 and the Caterpillar 420F backhoe loader was purchased for $95,700. Both pieces of equipment were purchased under an existing contract from the National Joint Powers Alliance, a government cooperative that allows for discount pricing of equipment due to volume orders under a single contracted price.

“It’s in our best interest to maintain the storms drains and keep them clean,” said Business Administrator Joanne Bergin, on why the township purchased the sewer cleaner.


A resident, Richard Gross, asked the governing body why the township, and not the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, would purchase a sewer cleaning device.

As it turns out, officials said, the township – not the MUA – owns the storm sewers. The MUA owns the sanitary sewer lines.

“Everyone usually calls the storm drains sewers, but it’s a storm drain,” said Mayor John Ducey.

“It goes directly into our water,” the mayor said, reiterating the need to keep them clean.