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Nor’Easter Could Bring Days of Rain This Week

GFS Forecast Model/NOAA
GFS Forecast Model/NOAA

A nor’easter forecast to affect New Jersey from Tuesday through Thursday will not be particularly powerful – at least not here – but could bring days of soaking rain and gusty winds to the Shore area.

The low pressure system that will serve as the base of the storm will form off New Jersey’s coast Tuesday night, moving slowly to the northeast and ultimately having a greater affect on Long Island and New England than the Jersey Shore, according to David Epstein, a meteorologist for Boston.com.

The result: potentially heavy rain at times, but mainly just a soaker for the Jersey Shore. New England could see some more steadily heavy rain, at least according to current forecasts.


“The steadiest rain is expected to focus along eastern New England with showers and drizzle stretching all the way down into Virginia and back across Pennsylvania,” reported Brian Lada, a meteorologist with AccuWeather.

Because of the new moon, forecasters say, rain combined with northeast wind pushing water into the back bays could cause some tidal flooding, however it is expected that any flooding will be relatively minor in nature.

If the forecast changes, we will post an update.