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Zapcic Out-Fundraising, Outspending Brando in Brick Council Race

Andrea Zapcic and Domenick Brando (Photos: File)
Andrea Zapcic and Domenick Brando (Photos: File)

In a break from previous races in Brick and across Ocean County, the Democratic candidate for Brick Township council has out-fundraised and outspent her Republican challenger, according to reports filed by candidates in recent days with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission.

So far this election cycle, incumbent Democratic Councilwoman Andrea Zapcic has raised a total of $15,600 in campaign contributions and combined that with $18,160 left over from last year’s council election, plus some personal contributions, for a total war chest of $33,910.

Her challenger, former Republican Councilman Domenick Brando, has raised $5,000 in donations, self-funded $900 and transferred $109 from a previous campaign for a total of $6,009.


Of the amounts they’ve raised so far, Zapcic has spent $7,293 and Brando has spent $5,919.

Brando has said he is running without the formal backing of the township’s Republican organization after winning a primary election against John Ciocco, though he did receive $600 donations from both the Ocean County Republican Chairman’s PAC and the Tom MacArthur for Congress campaign.

Zapcic, who has the backing of the township’s Democratic organization, listed her primary donors as Maser Consulting, an engineering firm that donated $1,000 to her campaign and Friends of Brick, a Democratic PAC that lists its address as BTMUA Commissioner George Cevasco’s home, that donated $2,000.

This year’s spending is a far cry from the 2013 election cycle, during which the Republican slate of mayoral and council candidates spent $240,528 and their Democratic opponents spent $152,536, ELEC records show. The Democrats ultimately beat the Republican ticket in a sweeping victory.

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    One of her biggest donors is Maser Consulting. Rings a bell.


    Monday’s hard morning rain had become a drizzle by the time the former mayor entered the Martin Luther King Jr. Courthouse shortly after 10:15 a.m.

    Scarpelli, dressed in a blue suit, clutched a blue and white umbrella with a Maser Consulting Inc. insignia on it – the engineering firm for which Scarpelli said he had been hired in 2004 as a “good will ambassador.”

    He gave up the position in August 2005 after local Republicans made a campaign issue out of Scarpelli’s Maser moonlighting when they discovered a Maser employee had successfully bid on a piece of property in a township land auction.

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    “It’s important for the citizens of Brick to know he received, as he admitted today in court, bribe payments,” Larkins later said outside the courtroom.

    “Did you act knowingly, willingly and corruptly,” Wigenton asked.

    “Yes, your honor,” said Scarpelli.

    Wigenton set the former mayor’s sentencing date for May 29. Scarpelli was released on a $50,000 unsecured bond.

    Although the charge carries a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000, Scarpelli will more than likely face a probable sentencing range of between 24 and 30 months in federal prison.

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    Another former Planning Board member, Domenick Brando, told The Star-Ledger in October 2005 that Scarpelli urged him to vote on the Parkway-70 Plaza application submitted by JSM at Brick.

    JSM at Brick was a limited liability corporation that was a partnership of real estate developer Jack Morris and John Lynch, the Middlesex County power broker who recently admitted to taking bribes. JSM proposed to build a 285,000-foot “lifestyle mall” on the Route 70 site.

    Right around the time JSM’s application was before the Planning Board in 2003, Lynch’s political action committee, New Directions Through Responsible Leadership, contributed $15,000 directly to Brick Democrats, according to state Election Law Enforcement Commission.

    Federal officials would not comment on what application votes Scarpelli may have attempted to influence, nor over what governmental board, but Brando said he believes it is the JSM project.

    On Monday, Brando reiterated the statements he made to The Star-Ledger.

    “He [Scarpelli] called me a liar,” Brando said. “I guess I kinda wasn’t.”

    Brando said he and Scarpelli were at lunch at what is now the Marina Grille when the mayor told him he “needed the project to go through.”

    And the probe into Brick Township corruption is not over, said U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie.

    “Our corruption investigation in Brick Township is continuing and we will follow the evidence wherever it takes us,” Christie said.

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    While Scarpelli the bribe soliciting ex-mayor and member of the Brick Democratic Club was extorting tax payers, retired police officer Dom Brando was upholding the law and doing what is honest for the Brick taxpayers.

    • JW P

      Scarpelli did a damn good job running this town. He kept taxes low and made the town prosperous and safe. Brick’s GOP sucks- nothing but double digit tax hikes, internal fighting and failed attempts to socialize hockey in sweetheart deals. If Scarpelli had been running for mayor instead of Ducey, you can bet your @$$ the people of this town would have voted for him in a landslide. Heck, he even beat Acropolis. What does that say?

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        Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro kept getting elected by the people who thought they were doing a damn good job also.


        Read this article about Scarpelli , McFadden his administrator who was actually the brains of the administration and Jack Nydam. Scarpos Public Works director. Scarpo and Nydam both plead guilty and McFadden is still waiting for birdsall to finish up.

      • JW P

        None of this matters anyway. Scarpelli hasn’t been mayor for almost 8 years and lives in Florida with no intention of returning. The Acropolis gang came in and fired 1/5 of town employees, replaced them with incompetent cronies and raised taxes like crazy because they wanted to socialize hockey. People got tired of this quick and got rid of them, thank God.

      • #@#.com

        JW P, as far as I am concerned, Steve Acrapolis is tied with Scarpelli for the Worst Mayors in Brick Township history. The boat marina, the Solar field and the threatened garbage pickup stoppage, are just as bad as taking bribes as far as I’m concerned.
        But don’t try and tell me Ducey is any better. he promised change. he is taking full Cadillac health benefits, a salary and a pension for a part time elected position. he has hired many family and friends and these are things that he said were so bad about Acropolis.

      • j.jones

        Hey democrats doing the same thing replacing republicans with democrat family and friends members…And they ran past two elections saying they would stop that actions in brick and lower taxes..THEY LIED FOLKS ..FAMILY MEMBER NOW IN DPW, HOUSING AND MUA..AND WE BELIEVED THEM …JUST SAD ..

      • j.jones

        So taking money is excepted because he was a nice guy I guess thats why mayor promised to stop the friends and family programs in town and stop big pay jobs . But he’s a nice guy so thats also ok…

      • j.jones

        Scarpelli went to jail ..crook !!!

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    Great mayor…
    Pillar of the community and wonderful role model, according to the morally inept, criminal loving, bribery defending, extortionist excusing JW P.


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    Check out this picture. All they need is Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro, who were also re-elected by the people who loved them.


  • #@#.com

    Brando For Council…..

  • Andy Pat

    All this bull about Scarpelli and Acropolis. That is history. And both their historical records are blemished (I am being kind to both). However, the choice in a few weeks is Zapcic or Brando. Look at their records of public service and Zapcic is clearly the better choice.

  • j.jones

    Well Andy you said it “That is History ” I believe we need another non-democrat on council to have a fight on some issues that aren’t even discussed just voted on and pasted .I would have to give Brando a chance to fight and earn respect for the taxpayers of Brick ..Lets face it the Democrats have lied and what they ran on for the last two elections to stop friends and family and over paid for positions held ..They claimed they would cut taxes ??? ALL LIES SO FAR …!!!! Maybe Brando isn’t the answer but he’s a different voice to fight till someone steps up to next election to fight and make changes for the best for Brick !!

    • Andy Pat

      A non-democrat could be good thing. However, Brando (one of the most self serving individuals to disgrace our Town Hall) is not the one. He already collects a full pension from the system for his less than 13 years service as a police officer. The last time he got elected he bullied his way into a no show job at MUA. I think with his pension, his councilman salary, and his MUA job he was officially a triple dipper. Send this troll packin!

      • j.jones

        Well not any better with the dems they paid a director to vacate his position to put one of there own in to position it cost a good chunk of change ..and a council member put into the chair person position in housing and an ex b.o.a. member as asst. chair person …they said they would stop friends and family club while running past two election ..and big pay for part time jobs ..no better now than before all crooks

      • j.jones

        Andy there has to be another voice to argue against some of the things there doing ..we can’t let them just keep going without a fight ..Another four years with no fight and we will be worse off ..Maybe Brando isn’t the answer but we have to get someone in there till next elections and then maybe we will have someone step up to the plate with no ties to either party and help Brick..

  • William Smith

    It’s interesting that Maser is suddenly getting a lot of work at the MUA. The MUA just cut two engineering positions. Hmmm I wonder who will get that work? Looks like Maser’s contributions are working.

  • j.jones

    It would be nice if someone did something about the drugs heroin and pills and crime in our town ..It is so out of control