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Brick Schools: Incidents of Nude Photos on Students’ Phones Prompt Police Reports, Removal Deadline

Brick Township High School (Credit: Google Maps)
Brick Township High School (Credit: Google Maps)

Parents in Brick are being warned that their children may face criminal charges if they have any nude photos or videos of their underage classmates saved on their cell phones or computers. The action, officials say, was prompted by a rash of incidents involving such photos or videos that have resulted in police reports.

In a letter issued Friday, Brick schools Superintendent Dr. Walter Uszenski said the Brick Township Police Department has announced an amnesty period for possession of such illicit materials that runs through Tuesday morning at 7 a.m.

“It has come to our attention that some of our Brick Township High School students may be engaging in this improper behavior,” said Uszenski. “This matter is a serious issue that demands a prompt and appropriate response. School authorities are working in conjunction with the Brick Township Police Department to help educate the community about the legal and psychosocial implications of this activity.”


It is a serious crime – an indictable offense – in New Jersey to have nude photos of children under 18 on one’s mobile phone or other device. Under the law, it’s considered possession, and sometimes even the manufacture or distribution, of child pornography, including during scenarios where the photos are being sent or saved by another underage person.

“After this date, any student found to have created, transmitted or possessed an illegal image/movie may be charged with the serious offenses outlined above, and be subject to removal from school,” the letter said.

Specifically, New Jersey covers such charges under its child endangerment law.

The letter was sent to parents of high school students in Brick, and specifically mentioned SnapChat, a smartphone app that allows a user to send a photo to a friend who also has the app. The photo can be set to self-delete, or in some cases, it can be saved. There have been “several police reports” recently which have referenced SnapChat as well as Instagram – another photo sharing app for smartphones – being used to send images of “real or simulated sexual acts and photos of naked or semi-naked persons.”

“Please be assured that I will always take every appropriate action to protect the safety and well- being of our students,” Uszenski wrote. “The amnesty period gives you an opportunity to educate your children and help protect them. We will be working with our staff to continue to address these issues with our students.”

  • Mark Story Jenks

    We live in the digital era now. Everyone has a cell phone with a built-in camera, even kids. It didn’t seem to make the new generations any brighter, they don’t consider the consequences of their actions at all.

    • Mindy Murray Moich

      Well said. But in middle schools in Brick girls are asking “will you rate me and would you date me”. Is anything being done about that? Thats been going on for 2 years maybe more. Sad such young girls feel the need to have the approval of young boys. As far as the phone porn goes, I can’t say I disagree with the superintendent saying these children can be removed from school. Maybe the addicts should be removed first. Alot of other problems will clear themselves up if you get the addicts out of the schools.

      • JW P

        Get the addicts out of addict homes. When I survived Brick Memorial 10 years ago, I found the pattern to be that junkie kids live with junkie or drunk parents. That’s how the cycle usually starts, and it pretty much stacks the odds against a positive outcome.

  • JW P

    I seriously hope they don’t bring the hammer down on these kids and ruin their lives before they get started. Kids – yes, if you’re under 18 you’re still a kid- do stupid shit all the time. As it is, far too many young people end up in the court system for stupid stuff that should really be dealt with in the home- like this.

  • Anonymous

    You people are so quick to blame the “addicts” and talk about how the junkie kids with junkie parents are causing all these issues and need to be removed from the school, yet its your precious “angles” and honor students that are the ones involved in issues like this. I happen to go to brick township high school and know who all of the true “junkies” and “addicts” are and the funny thing is not a single one of them had the video that raised this issue on their phone, let alone ever even seen the video before! Funny how you are so quick to point fingers at the people who are already labeled by society because that is the easy way out rather than looking at the athletes and honor students and everyday kids with no labels that are actually causing the issues.

  • Anonymous

    People are so quick to judge meanwhile they don’t know the story, poor kids being kids, back then this would be known by 4 people and blow over in a few days. Now if something risqué happens everyone feels the need to get it on video….Heard the whole story from multiple views, poor guy and girl that were in each others company and a bunch of looney toons had to video tape private stuff..stupid world we live in, hope this isn’t a sign of how future generations will permantly act