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Brick to Buy Police Vehicles, Ambulances

A Brick Police EMS ambulance in a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony. (Photo: Brick Twp. Police)
A Brick Police EMS ambulance in a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony. (Photo: Brick Twp. Police)

In a move aimed at keeping its fleet fresh, Brick Township will purchase seven new police cars and two new ambulances off a cooperative contract.

The seven police vehicles will all be Dodge Chargers, to which the department switched last year from Ford Crown Victorias, which were discontinued by Ford. The township’s purchasing agent will prepare the specifications for the Chargers; their final price is not yet known.

“We did have quite a few vehicles damaged during Sandy,” said Council President Susan Lydecker, explaining the reasoning behind the purchase.


The ambulances will be purchased off the Houston-Galveston Area Council contract, a national cooperative of government agencies which provides bulk pricing for large items. Each ambulance will cost $150,000. The two wheel drive Ford F-350-based ambulances will be delivered by PL Custom Body and Equipment of Wall Township.

The township will also purchase two cardiac pumps off the same contract for $43,916.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Awesome. Still using Sandy excuse to waste more taxpayers money…..Lie decker indeed.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Where in Brick was that picture taken. I did not know you could see NYC from Brick.

    • I know what you’re getting at, but: as mentioned in the caption, it was part of a 9/11 ceremony for first responders against the backdrop of the Tribute of Light.

  • Matt

    Personally, I dont see the police cars as a waste of tax dollars. Ford discontinued the Crown Victoria over 3 years ago, and all the police department’s cars ones are probably pushing 200k miles or more by now, considering they’re driven 24 hours a day. Eventually, any car’s reliability, and cost to maintain becomes an issue.

    • It’s not. Years back when I covered Howell, one of the issues I wrote about was a situation where the township hadn’t replaced police cars in years, then they all were breaking down at once. The town had to spend a very large amount of money all at once to replace a much larger number of cars. After that, they began sticking to a regular replacement cycle.

  • j.jones

    Maybe a good investment ..but traffic camera’s would have paid for this and more so let them run red light and raise our taxes again …and again..