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Candidates Make Last Minute Election Push; LaVergne Files Complaint Against MacArthur

Joe Vicari addresses an OCGOP rally Monday night. (Photo: Vicari Campaign)
Joe Vicari addresses an OCGOP rally Monday night. (Photo: Vicari Campaign)

The Ocean County Republican organization rallied its troops Monday night, while Democrats in Brick are planning a wide voter mobilization effort in town all day Tuesday. Meanwhile, a third party congressional candidate filed a last-minute election fraud complaint against his GOP opponent, Tom MacArthur.

Ocean County’s Republicans took to their usual election night perch 24 hours early this year, rallying support for longtime Ocean County Freeholder Joe Vicari in his re-election bid. Vicari has fended off vicious allegations by his opponent, Democrat Tim Ryan, who based his campaign on unconfirmed allegations from William Santos, a former Republican and county employee who claimed Vicari and the county government were being investigated by the FBI. But the Ryan campaign never turned up any documents proving such an investigation ever took place, and in a battle of words at a recent meeting, fellow Freeholder Jack Kelly asked Santos if he called the FBI himself and then claimed an investigation took place.

At the rally, which featured U.S. Reps. Frank LoBiondo and Chris Smith and congressional candidate Tom MacArthur, the focus was on the policies of President Barack Obama, PolitickerNJ reported.


“Tomorrow we’re going to send a message, as you’ve heard many times before, not only to send a message to Ocean County but to the Obama administration,” the website quoted Vicari as saying. “And that is no to his policies, no to his supporters, and no to anything Obama has to do.”

In Brick, township council candidate Andrea Zapcic, a Democrat, hoped to get a boost from Mayor John Ducey and the township’s Democratic organization.

Running under the banner of “The Ducey Team for Brick,” the township’s Democrats announced a well-organized voter mobilization effort planned for Election Day. The party faithful are meeting at Painters Hall on Route 88 where canvassers will be sent out all day long. Volunteers will also work the phones in support of Zapcic from 10 a.m. to 7:59 p.m.

You know why this election is important so we need you!” the party said on its Facebook page Monday night.

Zapcic’s challenger, Domenick Brando, was said by sources to be leading in some internal polls. But those reports came in before the Democrats sent out a controversial mailer accusing Brando of being a “crooked contractor” in a move that Brando said would result in legal action. Whether the mailer helped or hindered the Zapcic campaign has yet to be seen, and will likely be reflected in Tuesday night’s results.


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Finally, speaking of legal action, one candidate filed a last-minute case in Toms River, accusing Republican congressional candidate Tom MacArthur of fraudulently casting a primary election ballot in June. Frederick John LaVergne, running as the Democratic-Republican Party’s candidate, claimed an apartment MacArthur bought in Toms River is not his primary residence and his vote, therefore, is not valid.

MacArthur, a formerly Randolph Township mayor, bought the Toms River apartment earlier this year. He also maintains a home in Barnegat Light.

I filed the complaint because he is guilty of two crimes, and, if the courts take action, they can prevent a third, tomorrow – but I know that they will not, and I want the VOTERS to see that,” LaVergne said in a social media post on his campaign’s Facebook page Monday night.

Last week, a poll from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey showed MacArthur leading his Democratic opponent, Aimee Belgard.

  • j.jones

    So your behind in the votes humm and now we will dig up dirt to maybe get votes from people that dont see behind your bull ??? People should just vote for who they think is the best not for the other party with less dirt and trash talk….Election week just sucks because they go after someones personal life not the true facts ..BOTH SIDES FOLKS ARE WRONG ..

  • FJLinNJ

    I specifically held out the charges to make sure Tom couldn’t “move back in” to claim it as a primary residence…if you read the complaint, he did what I said he did. I wasn’t going to wait for the third count. He accuses his opponents of things they didn’t do. I accused my opponent of things he did do. I wanted the voters to see how the machine covered it up/glossed it over.

    He is specifically allowed to run as an NJ Resident, regardless of what district he lives in. He may NOT, however, vote at an address he does not live in.

    Here’s the complaint. Read it through. If you think this guy lives in a third floor walk-up while he has two mansions, you’re deluding yourself.


    You don’t have to like it. It just is…Tom lies when the truth will do.

    I don’t hear you complaining about HIS last-minute accusations.

    While we’re at it, show me 1600 wheelchairs. Still waiting.

    • FJLinNJ

      …and it wasn’t “Last Minute Accusations”. I published articles about this before the primary all over the district.

      • FJLinNJ

        Let me get this straight…he did it, so you’re upset I called him on it?