Home School News Dragons’ Playoff Run Comes to an End in Loss to Jackson Memorial

Dragons’ Playoff Run Comes to an End in Loss to Jackson Memorial

BTHS Dragons
BTHS Dragons

The red-hot Green Dragons fell to the Jackson Memorial Jaguars Friday night in a highly-anticipated matchup that pitted two of the Shore’s best team’s against each other.

In a 44-0 loss, the Dragons fell to the Jaguars in an outcome that made up for the only loss of Jackson Memorial’s season, the Shore Sports Network reported.

The Dragons put up an impressive 9-2 record this season which included a number of dominant wins over Shore rivals. In Friday night’s matchup, the Jaguars put up a 31-0 lead by halftime and continued their run in the second half.


The Jaguars will go on to face Middletown South next month in a title match, SSN reported.

  • j.jones

    Holy Crap…didnt show up…

  • #@#.com

    “Brick quarterback throws 3 interceptions and loses the game for Brick” .

    That may not be the fact, but where is that headline? Every game the Dragons won, the quarterback was credited as the reason for the victory.

    Should he now be credited with the loss?

    The answer is , NO.

    The quarterback from Toms River was not the reason that the Dragons won the championship last year, or had success till Friday night this year.

    He was just part of a team that was destined for greatness from Jr. Pee Wee football.

    This team had an undefeated Freshman football season, without the Toms River kid, or his uncle, before anyone ever heard of the Toms River kids name.

    It is therefor fitting and ironic that the Dragons were beaten by another school that used transfers to improve their team.

    The Dragons showed NO Class in losing to a Jackson team that had a better quarterback, a better offensive coordinator and better discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

    That game was embarrassing for the Brick team, the school and the Town.