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State Troopers Rescue Kayaker Thrown Into Bay by Boat’s Wake


New Jersey State Troopers rescued a kayaker who was thrown into Barnegat Bay after the wake of a boat caused the small vessel to capsize.

Sgt. Paul Rodemann and Trooper Christopher Menello rescued Bruce Parker, 51, of Browns Mills, who had been kayaking in the bay off Barnegat Township at about 4 p.m. Tuesday, state police said in a statement. Parker lost his life jacket during the tumble and had been struggling to stay above water, but was able to retrieve his cell phone from the kayak and call 911.

The troopers were able to pull Parker onto their boat and give him a change of clothes to prevent hypothermia from setting in, police said.


“This is another example of the great work our Marine Services Bureau does, and an outstanding job by Sgt. Rodemann and Trooper Menello,” the agency said.

There were no photos available of the rescue, as the pair were the only rescuers on scene.

Parker was brought to the Barnegat Municipal Dock, where he did not wish to have additional medical treatment.


  • bayboat65 .

    How close did the boat pass that it threw him into the water ?