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Zapcic Defeats Brando for Brick Council; Cantillo, Barton Win Seats on BOE

Andrea Zapcic and Domenick Brando (Photos: File)
Andrea Zapcic and Domenick Brando (Photos: File)

Andrea Zapcic has defeated former Brick councilman Domenick Brando in her bid to remain on the township’s governing body. Meanwhile, a surprise upset in the school board election has resulted in John Barton, who effectively did not run a campaign this year, beating incumbent board member Larry Reid. Current board president Sharon Cantillo retained her seat and won with a commanding victory.

The final vote tally in Brick saw Zapcic besting Brando by 1,489 votes. But the school board election produced the night’s biggest surprise, with John Barton, a oft-candidate who has never before scored a victory, beating incumbent Larry Reid by 842 votes to win a seat on the board. Reid, who has served one term on the board, garnered the fewest votes of any candidate, while his running mate, Cantillo, received the most votes of any candidate with 7,028.

With Zapcic’s victory, the municipal governing body will remain under a 7-0 Democratic control. Zapcic said the council in the next year will be focused on Sandy relief (“getting people back in their homes”) and improving government efficiency.


“My feeling is that people want to keep moving in the direction we’ve been moving in,” said Zapcic. “I’m driven by the desire to serve.”

As for her victory, Zapcic said her time on council as an appointed member, combined with her previous stint as the township’s recreation director and with B-MAC drove much of her support.

“A lot of people knew me from the rec department, BMAC and a lot of those relationships helped me,” she said.

Brando had sought to reclaim a seat – he lost in last year’s council election – while Zapcic will now serve a one-year term (the seat vacated by Mayor John Ducey) and will have to run again next year if she wishes to stay on the council. Barton and Cantillo will each serve three year terms on the school board.

Brando could not be immediately reached for comment.


Final Vote Tally:

Brick Township Council

Domenick Brando (R): 7,671
*Andrea Zapcic (D): 9,160

Brick Township Board of Education

*Sharon Cantillo: 7,028
Larry Reid: 3,798
*John Barton: 4,640
David Fischer: 4,489

  • Guest

    The Brick Republican party should be ashamed for not supporting there primary winner..

  • j.jones

    Another rubber stamp winner to council ..do as I say God Bless Brick ..

  • Walter W. Welle

    Who is Barton? Does anyone know? I’m shocked how silence won the election. Lol

    • JW P

      I think he’s something of a perennial candidate and gadfly. Might do some good to have a professional critic on the school board. Lord knows nothing good ever comes of that thing anyway.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    I’m not a D or an R but a proud Independent… so here’s my comment, ANYBODY who was connected with the Acropolis regime don’t bother wasting your time, energy or money or our time running for office. Thanks to Stevie you were a part of Brick Township history that none of us want to repeat anytime soon. Try again, maybe in a 100 years or so. As for John Barton’s win. That’s easy, anybody that has lived in Brick for a very long time knows the Barton family and knows what an upstanding family they are. I went to school with his brother, one of the nicest guys on the planet, I didn’t even have to think for two seconds in the voting booth, saw the name Barton and pushed the button with confidence.

  • Tom Russo

    Brando was out spent 10 to 1……..he put a good campaign forward…..hopefully he returns soon…..

    • j.jones

      No support from republican club sadly

      • Tom Russo

        I wonder why?

  • j.jones

    Hey Joe you have a right to say what ever but heres a fact for you the Mayor ran two elections saying he would do away with friends and family positions and stop big paying jobs….and in his first year he removed republicans and replaced them with his friends democrats …First year !!! and come on Vera chair person in housing hummm thank god that didnt last ..but he put another democrat into that position quickly and he removed a republican from office in MUA AND PAID HIM TO GO so come..on..No better than the past !!! WE ARE REALLY NO BETTER JUST DIFFERENT FACES ..

  • Just saying

    Everyone acts like big bad ducy came in and removed all the republicans . What do you think Acropolis did ?? He came in and removed all the democrat scarpelli people .. Everyone acts like there shocked that Ducey was the first one to do this practice..

    • JW P

      I could care less about that honestly- the Ds and Rs will do that no matter what. The Acropolis team jacked up taxes unlike anything this town’s ever seen and tried to socialize hockey, so as far as I’m concerned the Brick GOP sucks if any of those guys are involved in it.

      • j.jones

        Lets see what they do now ..can they stop the increase in crime , drugs , heroin , pills and maybe lower taxes …lets see if there going to be any different ..If they make a difference than I WILL SAY GOOD JOB …

    • j.jones

      @ JUST SAYING Than he should have ran his past two elections different not saying he was going to stop the friends and family club that only took him a very short time to go back on his word..Its sad when they all just take care of there own ..Both side are to blame I agree but do as you say and stick to it ..