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Brick Mayor: ‘No Tolerance’ On Sidewalk Shoveling Enforcement This Winter

Shoveling snow. (Credit:  Elvert Barnes/Flickr/File Photo)
Shoveling snow. (Credit: Elvert Barnes/Flickr/File Photo)

When it snows outside, make sure to shovel your sidewalks. You’re risking a potentially costly summons if you don’t.

Brick officials are taking a “no tolerance” stance on enforcing an ordinance that requires residents to clear snow off the sidewalk in front of their homes and businesses this year, Mayor John Ducey said this week.

“We are taking a ‘no tolerance’ approach,” Ducey said. “It’s something that needs to be done because a lot of kids need to get to school. We have to make sure that the sidewalks are all clear.”


The mayor made the statement after a resident who called in to his online radio show told him that portions of the sidewalks on Lanes Mill Road, a heavily-traveled route for students walking to Lanes Mill Elementary School and Brick Memorial High School, were not shoveled.

Ducey said in each of the recent winter storms, code enforcement officials have been writing summonses to those who have not cleared snow from their sidewalks, a reversal of a previous township policy that gave people 72 hours to remove snow.

“That’s really not acceptable,” Ducey said of the previous policy. “That’s three days, which means three days of kids walking out in the street.”

According to the township code, homeowners and tenants are required to remove snow “within 24 hours of daylight after the snow shall have ceased falling or after the ice has formed.” The only exception to the law covers those who live on cul-de-sacs or dead-end streets.

There is no specific penalty for the violation listed in the township code, rather, the penalty for violating the ordinance defaults to a general penalty, which is a fine not to exceed $2,000 or no more than 90 days of community service.

“It’s definitely unacceptable for any kids to be walking in the street just because of somebody who didn’t take the opportunity to shovel their sidewalks,” Ducey said.

  • Elizabeth J. Scalley

    I think this is absolutely ludicrous!! First of all, any parent in their right mind would not allow their child to walk to school, either way, in this weather. Secondly, it is my understanding that anything a foot from the shoulder in front of anyone’s property line is the townships, at least according to zoning and the sewer authority. Since the DPW can barely handle plowing ANY secondary roads it comes as no surprise that the Mayors office is asking us common folk to do the DPW’s job. Also, what happens when one does shovel the sidewalk and the plows finally do come and cover them back over again??what then?? Are you going to fine the DPW workers?? Here is a suggestion, Since you are so worried about the school children, why don’t you have the janitors from the surrounding schools do the sidewalks instead of sitting around and smoking in their vehicles or playing with their phones.

    • Mark Story Jenks

      The sidewalk rule is not “ludicrous”. The rule is the same in nearly every town or city that has sidewalks, particularly when it applies to businesses.
      My older neighborhood does not have sidewalks. But if there was sidewalk in front of my house I would just shovel it off instead of complaining about whose responsibility it fell under.
      Please tell us you’re not serious. You sound like Rosana Rosanadana.

      • #@#.com

        Mike Tyson was “Ludicrous”

    • JJones

      Union job against contracts …shovel heavier than dust mops ..

  • Trevor

    my neighborhood doesn’t even have sidewalks….

  • Tracy TraLala

    It would be amazing if the sand/plow could actually make it beyond the house next door in front of my property on the dead end…I’ll start taking pictures again. I pay my taxes to. No sidewalks here although I always drove my children to school this was certainly one of the reasons, walking down an ice rink to catch the bus….

    • JJones

      It would have been great if town side streets were plowed before 3 pm..

  • I don’t think this rule is fair to those with bad backs or who are physically disabled as well as the elderly and can’t shovel snow, also not everyone can afford to pay someone to shovel their sidewalks.

    • #@#.com

      Va Va Va Vooooom !!!!!!

    • Walter W. Welle

      I can’t but I live in a association that is responsible. I had back fusion so I cant. But my neighbors help and that’s why I live here so I don’t have to shovel.

    • Walter W. Welle

      I meant to add I feel for ya

  • Kathy B

    Yes u can,by offering them 20.00, some boy or two boys will shovel for candy money,so if there is two boys they split the money.

  • Kathy B

    I belive if its ur property, u own it u clean it,like u brake it,u buy it.

    • #@#.com

      You mean like,
      ” I buys it, I sells it “.
      Do any Bricktuckians remember that sign and where the store was located and named?

      • Chuck Cumella

        Yes. George’s junk shop. Old hooper ave

  • Mac

    first priority should be getting the streets plowed – then, 24-hours after all the streets are plowed, worry about the sidewalks

  • JJones

    Here’s an idea men on welfare and unemployed should have to report to a location and then set up in areas to shovel sidewalks and maybe get paid state min. pay scale ..If they dont report they get money deducted from there checks ..

    • DragonDad77

      Unemployed and an on a government issued income? You mean retirees? Would they be able to do that, you know physically?

      Or should the people who live there actually take responsibility for their sidewalks?