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Brick Officials Reject $1.3M Price For Colorado Park Rebuild

Colorado Park (Credit: Google Maps)
Colorado Park (Credit: Google Maps)

Brick officials unanimously voted this week to reject a $1.3 million bid – the lowest the township received – to rebuild Colorado Park in the township’s Herbertsville section.

The park, which has fallen into disrepair over the years, is still due to be reconstructed, though officials will go back to the drawing board to figure out how to lower the price tag.

“Our recreation committee feels design changes can be done and we can save money,” said Council President Paul Mummolo. “Revised plans are in progress.”


The original plan to rebuild the park included two new playgrounds, one for children ages 2-5 and one for children ages 6-12, plus basketball courts, a new baseball field with a proper backstop and clay infield, and a perimeter walking trail. The park would also have been equipped with infrared security cameras following incidents of vandalism which have plagued the park in recent years. In Nov. 2012, someone set fire to the park’s playground area, causing significant damage.

Officials did not elaborate on what kind of design changes would be necessary to reduce the cost of the project.

  • Chuck Cumella

    Good decision.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Way too much. Time to re-think this using union scale rate labor. These guys with their pensions and high salaries are too much for government these days.

    • Glenn

      That would require a majority of politicians in Trenton to vote in favor of making NJ a “right to work” state and commit political suicide to their careers, and what are the chances of that happening?

    • noneofyobuisness

      Parks and Recreation workers make peanuts same with public works. Check out the salaries here in town. The problem is in other departments and department heads salaries.

  • Trevor

    Where even is this park?

    • JW P

      On Colorado Avenue, just off Lanes Mill Road, halfway between BTMHS and Herbertsville Road. Just goes to show that this really isn’t one town. #herbertsvillesecession

    • JJones

      Just follow the empty beer cans and needles threw the woods behind condos between herbertsville and lanes mill rd…

  • JW P

    Methinks there was some collusion in these bids. Except for the new equipment and cameras, this is a pretty mid-level landscaping job.

  • JB

    I have an issue with spending money on these fields. There has been no up keep on the baseball fields that were done previously in other parks. They spent all the money on redoing these fields and then there is no maintenance. The fields are now hardened and unplayable. I’ve tried to practice with my son and it’s not possible. So sad. It’s safer practicing in the street. The township needs to factor in maintenance costs as well if the baseball fields are going to be upgraded.

  • JJones

    Wow $1.3 million to do what ?? Wasn’ t the amount mentioned years ago around $600k ..Why cant the bid just be for the cameras and new equipment and the parks and rec department do the grounds work…Its landscaping thats all it is and they do that now at all parks in town ..

  • noneofyobuisness

    Sounds like a lot more than landscaping to me. Arrowhead has a great park yet this park is deprived for years. I have a pretty good idea why there’s resistance. Couldn’t have anything to do with its proximity to Maple Leaf could it? Take some of that money the town pissed away on Traders Cove or the Foodtown wasteland and spread the wealth up here in Herbertsville.