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Brick Radio Shack Store Not Among Those Closing, But Other Local Stores Are

Radio Shack
Radio Shack

Brick’s Radio Shack location will not be closing as part of the company’s bankruptcy filing, documents released Monday by the company showed.

The store, located on Brick Boulevard, is among the 2,300 stores that will remain open under a partnership the company signed with General Wireless. Under the agreement, General Wireless will work with mobile phone carrier Sprint to set up “store within a store” concepts the remaining locations.

Radio Shack is closing about 1,700 of its 4,000 stores in the United States.


Though the Brick location is not on a list of stores preparing for closure, the company’s Ocean County Mall, Manahawkin and Manchester locations are on the list. A separate Toms River location, on Lakewood Road, also appears on the list.

  • Trevor

    I hate to see businesses like this go out. RadioShack used to be the place for electronics but I guess they’ve been slacking in recent years.

    • JW P

      It used to be the place for Tandy Computers too. Many Americans entered the digital age thanks to Radio Shack. I usually only go in their for parts nowadays. They are the only place for that left these days, except for touch and go Ebay.