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Smoke Condition in Brick Movie Theater Leads to Evacuation

Police Lights (Photo: Jason Rojas/Flickr)
Police Lights (Photo: Jason Rojas/Flickr)

Moviegoers at the AMC Loews Brick Plaza theater were evacuated Tuesday night after a smoke condition developed in one of the theaters in the building, officials said.

Firefighters were called to the theater complex at about 11 p.m. Tuesday night when smoke began filling Theater 4. After firefighters evacuated the building, they found a defective belt on a rooftop HVAC unit caused the smoke condition, which did not turn into a full-fledged fire, said Kevin Batzel, director of the Brick Township Bureau of Fire Prevention.

Firefighters from the Pioneer Hose and Breton Woods fire companies then checked the alarm system, which had activated, and made sure there were no injuries reported. Fire officials allowed the theater to reopen after the incident, Batzel said.

  • JW P

    That theatre needs a deep remodel. If the corporate overlords carer more about viewer experience and safety than squeezing the profits dry outta that place they’d put some capital investment in it.

    • Mark Story Jenks

      It has become somewhat seedy. But if they remodel the place they’ll start charging $20 to see a movie.

      • Trevor

        Movie theaters in Monmouth and Freehold have been redone and still charge the same prices as Brick (Ye Olde Picture Shack)

      • JW P

        The Brick AMC tickets are the same price as the nicer AMC in Eatontown with stadium seats- which is the one I usually go to.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Ha…corporate overlords….just like your commander and chief Obama…and the billionaire clintons….and the Gores and every other democrat federal politician. All multi millionaires. Harry Reid….Pelosi…you name them…they all get rich of you cool aide swillers.