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State Troopers to Set Up DWI Checkpoint on Parkway March 7

NJ State Police (File Photo)
NJ State Police (File Photo)

The New Jersey State Police announced a sobriety checkpoint will be set up on the Garden State Parkway on March 7 – the same day as the Seaside Heights St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Troopers will man a checkpoint at an undisclosed location in Monmouth County, according to the announcement. Vehicles traveling on Parkway may be stopped between the hours of 6 p.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

“Are we losing the element of surprise by sending out this message ahead of time?” the statement said. “Maybe, but people who choose to drive after drinking already know how expensive, life-changing, and deadly such a decision can be.  But they do it anyway in total disregard for their safety and the safety of everyone else on the road.  We’re assuming that their poor judgment will not impede our ability to take drunk drivers off the road just because of a little advance warning.”


State Police said they are urging motorists who see a driver posing a hazard on the road to dial #77 from a hands-free mobile phone.

“Be ready to give a description of the vehicle and occupants, a location and direction, and a license plate if possible,” the statement said. “The better the info, the better our chances of stopping the vehicle, BUT, do not get too close to the vehicle just to get this information. Your safety is more important to us than getting a perfect description.”

  • Brian

    How do you dial hands free???? Out of curiosity. I get bluetooth, press a button on the steering wheel and say “Call (a name in your phone book)”. Aside from that, is it possible to say dial #77?

  • JW P

    Just give the police your license and say nothing to them. You have the right to remain silent and in this country that’s the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

  • Christina r

    Don’t forget to have your driving credentials current. Some people forget especially with it being the first week of the month 🙂 so even if you’re not driving drunk you’ll still get hit for those

  • #@#.com

    What ever happened to the trooper who hit 2 parked cars in Belmar while driving drunk, then fled the scene and went home and started drinking to cover it up? Did he lose his job yet?

  • Goodgrief

    Wow talk about profiling! I bet there would be screams of racism it the NJSP did the same thing on Martin Luther King Day.

    • DragonDad77

      ^^ idiot ^^

  • Chuck Cumella

    1939 Germany…….” give me your papers”

  • Christine Rucci

    I think it is a great thing. It is bad enough people do 80 in the 55 zone on my way to work everyday. I drive from Beachwood to Brick every morning and I pray when I get in my vehicle that I hope today is not the day I get killed by a selfish driver

  • Mac

    Will they be passing out flyers to open an EZ Pass account to ‘speed your trip’ at this DWI checkpoint?

  • Durty Dave

    I’m so excited for one of those clowns to roll through with one of those cute little notes pressed up against the window.

    • JW P

      Expect more of it. People have figured out the police aren’t their friends unless they’re slipping them a $20 bill. Do not talk to the police about anything, ever.