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Bids for Food Trucks, Beer and Wine at Brick Festivals Hit Snag

Bricktoberfest (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Bricktoberfest (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick officials are tweaking the specifications of bids solicited for a beer and wine concession at the Summerfest and Bricktoberfest celebrations this year after no one responded to a previous solicitation. The township is also putting the rides at Bricktoberfest out to be rebid.

Council President Paul Mummolo said the township received no responses to its bid for food trucks at Bricktoberfest, which required a minimum bid of $1,500. The minimum will be lowered to $500 in the next round. Likewise, the minimum bid for a beer and wine concession at Summerfest and Bricktoberfest was initially set at $20,000 and will be reduced to $5,000.

The township will also rebid a contract to provide amusement rides at Bricktoberfest. In that bidding process, the township received one response, but the bidder “did not address a required component of the bid package,” Mummolo said – specifically, the inclusion of “pay one price” wristbands for the rides.


The township council did vote to award several contracts for food services at Summerfest, however. The “hot food” award, which includes items such as sausages and cheese steaks, went to Tony’s Italian Sausage of Hazlet for $1,261. The contract to provide grilled and fried food, including hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken fingers, went to John and Debbie O’s of Toms River for $1,701. John and Debbie O’s also won the bid to provide funnel cakes, Italian ices and fried Oreos at $1,130. Another company, Goldy’s Ice Cream, of Manalapan, won the bid to provide ice cream at $1,177.

Bids are still being accepted for providers of pizza, specialty foods and deli items.

Finally, the council awarded a contract to Jersey Shore ATM to provide an ATM machine at township events. This year’s contract is for $100, up from $25 last year.

  • Scott Right

    Two simple solutions for the town. Have anybody send in a sealed bid take the best bidder regardless of price. Next have a public reverse auction, let people see what the bids are they can bid up to a certain time. Potential vendors see what the price is and will bid more until they no longer think they can make a profit. My assumption on these events us to have a nice selection of things for residents to do and buy and try and put some money in the town coffers, not get every nickel out of local vendors.

    • Big Cheese

      They want too much from food trucks. Way off on what food truck events charge.