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Rebuild of Angela Hibbard Park to Include Playgrounds, Dog Park

A dog running in a park. (Credit: Randi Hausken/Flickr)
A dog running in a park. (Credit: Randi Hausken/Flickr)

Brick officials are planning large-scale improvements to Angela Hibbard Park.

The township council went out to bid last week on a plan to effectively rebuild the park with a new playground for children ages 2-5, a second playground for children ages 6-12, a basketball court, a pickleball court, and two dog parks – one for small dogs and one for large dogs.

The project will also include a new perimeter walking trail, plus irrigation and drainage work, Councilwoman Andrea Zapcic said.


The improvements to the park, which is located on Drum Point Road just north of the intersection with Mandalay Road, are estimated to cost about $1 million, Zapcic said.

“This will be the smallest of the three parks we’ll be doing this year,” Zapcic said.

The other parks set to be redone this year are Colorado Park and Lake Riviera Park. The township council recently rejected bids for the Colorado Park project after they came in too high, officials said. The township is now soliciting bids again for work at that park under modified bid specifications.

It usually takes about four months between bidding and when the work begins on a project such as a park, said Business Administrator Joanne Bergin.

  • Stephen Brill

    On a list of priorities that Brick Township needs including a new entrance into the minicipal building dog parks are an extravagance that is not needed.

  • Tom Russo

    Lower the tax increase…….people are hurting…….dog parks?????????

  • #@#.com

    This is just make work for the lawyers and engineers who give money to the campaig

    • JJones

      I posted that and mention names of roads and was tolded to call the county …The mayor and council too busy to make that call…

  • JJones

    Ducey proposed the $98,917,050 spending plan for 2015…and we are spending 1 million on a dog park…What about using that million on fighting crime and drugs in Brick…

  • Mike Sullivan

    Stop complaining people. Apparently none of u have pets or children so it’s understandable that’s why u are whining. It’s a park for the future of our children and the animals that people love. Go complain about something else. A million bucks to renovate a park that was in shambles, I thought it would cost more than that. Looks to me we getting a great deal with the new and upcoming park at Angela Hibbard. Can’t wait to spend a lot of quality time with my family and friends hanging out in our new digs. Thanks again BRICK. Money well spent. 🙂

    • SB

      Yeah, I doubt the complainers have kids and pets they love to spend time with outdoors. I agree the potholes need to be patched (I’ve seen them out doing this near me recently) and crime needs to be fought (there have been a lot of busts lately) but any quality town is a mix of things. I’ve noticed a lot of negative commenters on many of the articles here. Guess some people like to invest in negativity. I’ve heard the return on that is tenfold, not that you’d want THAT payoff.

      • JJones

        There are parks in town that people walk there dogs and play with them already …so why is spending million dollars necessary ??

    • Pissed Off

      Mike have you been to that park in the last 17 years? I have seen that park go to shambles in those 17 years. The park department mows the lawns and does not trim along any fence lines. We who live along the fence lines have to do this. I do not get paid from this town to trim what does not belong to me. Now they want to redo the park and add 2 dog parks. With them not taking care of the park in 17 years what the hell makes you think they are going to take care of it once it’s done. In the summer while attempting to have a BBQ we will be smelling the dog poop when the wind blows. By the way I am a dog owner and lover,and have raised 4 children. I have 2 dogs that I allow only in my back yard to do their business. I clean up after my dogs. Do you think the dog owners are going to do the same thing. I have them now pooping on my lawn and walking away. I certainly don’t think the parks department will be picking it up.

  • Kathleen Brock

    I want to work at the dog parks,please email me, helofrtr@gmail.com

  • Ns

    Maybe if the town actually did their jobs and took care of the park maybe then we wouldn’t need one. I remember when I was little I used to go to that park all the time. Now looking at it, it went to hell. Never once did I see them come by to take care of any of it. So what makes this park so different than any other park. Even if you go to any other park in brick they all look the same. It’s just a matter of time till it all goes to hell and the. Your back to where you started. So the town is wasting all this money so we can have it for a little bit of it looking nice. This is a waste of money,time, and effort. We have a dog park in brick. We don’t need another one. There is a dog beach that you can bring your dog. This layout looks nice but let’s be honest. Do you really think that they are going to actaully take care his one? What makes it so different?

  • guest

    The town got a grant to revitalize the parks. They couldn’t use the money for anything else. You need to understand how the money could only be spent.