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Damaged Smartphone or Tablet? Welcome to Shorebeat, Cellutopia Mobile Repairs

Cellutopia Mobile Repairs
Cellutopia Mobile Repairs

There’s nothing more frustrating than scratching, cracking or otherwise damaging your expensive smartphone or tablet. It usually means a trip to a cell phone provider’s store, the Apple store in Freehold, or sending the device away for repair.

There is now a new business in Brick Plaza that provides fast repairs for phones and tablets, and they’re our newest advertiser here at Shorebeat. As is our tradition here, we’d like to welcome Cellutopia Mobile Repairs (CMR) by telling our readers a bit about their business.

Marc Vazquez is the store’s owner, and tells us he has been repairing electronic devices since 2002. The company is family-run, and the store’s staff offers friendly and personal service to their customers.


“We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and taking the upmost of care in all of our repairs,” Vazquez tells us. “We guarantee to treat your electronics as if they were our own, because we know how important they truly are.”

The goal, Vazquez said, is to make sure customers “get completely mobile again!”

The store also sells wireless accessories, including Otterbox and Lifeproof.

Cellutopia Mobile Repairs is located at 56 Brick Plaza, just down the sidewalk from Applebee’s but before A&P. Check out their website or call 848-232-4472 for more information.

  • Frank Rizzo

    I used another company in town to repair an IPaD mini and it was a success. Apple has zero customer service unless you pay them for their service plan each year which I will not. Good luck to this company and don’t be afraid to bring your stuff to after market repair shops if they are good at what they do.

    • Trevor

      A relevant, on-topic comment that doesn’t say anything negative about Obama. I’m in shock! Keep up the good work!

  • Steven Sampson

    I took an Ipad to Cellutopia with cracked screen. The process to remove the damaged screen caused the surrounding plastic case to be damaged. Was explained to me be they employees at Cellutopia that this is normal damage and is required to get the old screen out.
    New screen caused ghost touching issues (random screen pressing when in application could not type a sentence.
    Took the ipad back. And they called and had it repaired. Sent wife to pick it up and she noticed dust trapped inside the new screen…
    We took it back.. again…
    After getting my ipad back for the 3rd time I inserted it back into the keyboard/case made by Zagg Keys. The little pressure required to clip it into the case caused the screen to crack where the damaged housing was because there is no more support under the Glass.
    Now I am Pissed. Heading back now. Will update what the resolution is.