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Bob Moore No Longer a Democrat, Will Run for Brick Council as Independent

Councilman Bob Moore (inset).
Councilman Bob Moore (inset).

Brick Township Councilman Bob Moore announced at Tuesday night’s council meeting that he is now an Independent and running for reelection.

At the meeting, Moore, who was elected to his first, three-year council term as a Democrat in 2011, touched on the subject just briefly, only saying that he thought about it and recently filed for the party change with the Ocean County Clerk’s office.

On Wednesday, Moore said in a telephone interview that he made the switch recently after Democrats failed to invite him to be on their slate.


“I waited for the call, but it never came,” said Moore, who had a falling out with the other Democratic council members after he voted against a failed effort to appoint a new township clerk in 2013.

Moore said, “I’m not done helping people, my heart is still in it.”

Moore decided to run as an Independent rather than challenging the official Democratic slate in a primary.

“They won’t run me, so shame on them,” he added.

“I have felt like I’ve been an Independent for the past year and a half anyway,” ever since voting against replacing the clerk, he said.

The other council members said at the time that they wanted to replace Clerk Lynette A. Iannarone with former Democratic Councilwoman Kathy Russell because they wanted a clerk who would be more amenable towards communicating directly with council members instead of following past practice of communicating through the mayor’s office. The vote to replace narrowly failed and Iannarone is still clerk.

Moore said that as word spread Wednesday about his decision to run as an Independent, he’s gotten a lot of support from residents.

“My phone has been blowing up all day with people telling me I’m doing the right thing,” said Moore, a popular volunteer firefighter for the past 18 years. “I have a lot of support from my brother firefighters and other residents.”

Moore said he still has a lot of respect for Democratic Mayor John G. Ducey who does not vote with council, in keeping with the township council form of government.

“I think the mayor’s awesome,” Moore said.

Democrats are replacing Moore on their slate with Arthur Halloran, a resident of the township’s barrier island section and a former Democratic county committee member.

Moore had been elected on a slate with current Council members Susan Lydecker, Jim Fozman and then-councilman Ducey.

Moore is a full-time plumber for Perfect Climate, a plumbing, heating and air conditioning company based in Atlantic Highlands

  • #@#.com

    Moore promised me and all the voters that he would not take Cadillac health benefits for a part time elected position. ….He LIED. So did Fozman and Ducey. Cadillac health benefits that cost about $28,000.00 a year.

    • JJones

      Everyone complained when the GOP were in office and held them accountable for there error ..so now we have to hod the democrats accountable for doing the same patronage jobs and benifits…SAME CRAP..

    • jo jo ormaz

      “they had a change in their lifestyle ” …. lol

  • JJones

    From what I remembered all the members that ran and won with Bob all claimed they would end Cadillac health benifits and patronage jobs…WELL THAT DIDNT HAPPEN..But I will say Bob always voted for what was correct and right for the town..He wasnt a puppet ..So lets see what he has to say on the facts hopefully no trash talk..from both sides ..

  • Spock’s Brain

    Acropolis gives Bob Moore’s wife a job and then Bob votes to keep Acropolis crony Juan Bellu at his $156,000 job. I don’t care what banner Bob Moore is running under. He sold out to Acropolis to get his wife a job. See link:


    • JJones

      That patch report said nothing about Bobs wife getting a job ..Just that he voted against …Wasnt Bobs wife working for fema…??

      • BrickMom

        Yes Bobs wife was a volunteer and all people from the Call Center came over into the Building Department due and was paid by FEMA. Daniel Nee did a comment on this old news. Bob Moore is a hardworking man that is here for the people. Blue Color by day. Fireman Basketball Coach Football Coach Always lending his time for the kids and the people. He has my vote.

      • Spock’s Brain

        So why would bob vote to let Juan Bellu keep his $156,000 No-Show job? We all know why. Payback to Acropolis for giving his wife a job.

    • BrickMom

      you need to read the facts. Bunch of people volunteered there time Days after Sandy hit.They were than moved over into the Building Department and paid by FEMA. I don’t think Acropolis had anything to do with Super Storm Sandy hitting and FEMA. Bob Moore is a good man and he has my vote. He adds flavor to the town. Not a YES man. He is for the people of Brick.

      • jo jo ormaz

        Yes, agreed !

  • Trevor

    I know it was warm a couple days ago but I think its kind of early for FLIP FLOPS

  • Frank Rizzo


  • Sal Petoia

    Brick should consider non-partisan government with term limits. Candidates would need to run on their own merits rather than under a party banner. Voters would be “forced” to do a little thinking about what the candidate stands for rather than simply voting for a political party.

  • Trevor

    The photo for this article also shows that the municipal complex really needs a new sign