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Brick BOE Member, GOP Council Candidate is New Point Pleasant Administrator

Frank Pannucci, Jr. (Photo: NJ School Boards Association)
Frank Pannucci, Jr. (Photo: NJ School Boards Association)

Brick Board of Education member, and now Republican township council candidate, Frank Pannucci, Jr. has been appointed the acting borough administration of Point Pleasant Borough.

Pannucci was sworn into the position March 19 during a Point Pleasant Borough council meeting, replacing longtime administrator David Maffei, who will retain his position as borough clerk and a salary of $112,494.

Pannucci was appointed to the position for 60 days, according to a report in the Ocean Star newspaper. During that time, the newspaper reported, Point Pleasant officials will place advertisements seeking a permanent replacement for Maffei. Pannucci will be able to apply for the permanent position.


According to the newspaper’s report, Pannucci will earn a salary of $69,500 with no benefits in the temporary position.

Pannucci was previously employed as the Director of Customer Accounts for the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, but was ousted from that position after a Democratic majority on the authority’s Board of Commissioners decided to cut the position. He has also served as a Board of Education member in Brick – an unpaid position – since being elected in 2012.

On Monday, it was revealed that Pannucci, alongside fellow Board of Education member Michael Conti, former Brick councilman Dan Toth, and political newcomer Charlie Bacon, will make up the Republican slate of candidates for the 2015 township council election.

  • JW P

    If you’re going to run for office with the express purpose of getting cushy public jobs, try to make it a little bit less obvious.

  • Andy Pat

    OK-First. Is that the reincarnation of Uncle Fester or what? Put a light bulb in his mouth to check. Yes, Brick got rid of him. He was an obnoxious politically connected creep that took up space and money at the MUA. Rumor has it that they had to pay him to leave as his Repub political benefactors renewed his MUA contract for 5 years. He was also campaign manager for Steve Acropolis. He is so unqualified for Borough Administrator that even his “temp” position is an insult to the people of Point Pleasant. But just watch him get shoehorned into the position in 60 days. He should try the private sector, a place he has never been. Even as a kid his Dad got him a County job chasing golf balls!

  • Andy Pat

    Uncle Fester??