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Brick Neighborhood to be Paved by May, Officials Say

A crew fills pot holes on a road in Wall Township. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
A crew fills pot holes on a road in Wall Township. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Some Birchwood Park residents will see their roads starting to get repaved possibly by the end of May, according to Brick Township Mayor John G. Ducey.

The Township Council on Tuesday night voted to begin advertising for and receiving bids for the repaving of 14 roads in the development, according to a copy of the resolution.

Ducey said at Tuesday night’s meeting that he is glad to see some good news for a change for the residents in the development off of Chambers Bridge Road.


He said that the Garden State Parkway shoulder widening project, involving the cutting of numerous trees, and a residential construction project on the other side by the post office, have had negative impacts on the Birchwood Park neighborhood.

“At least now they have some good news and will have some of their roads repaved,” Ducey said.

The council had voted last year to include the Birchwood road repaving work in the 2014 capital budget for about $750,000.  The roads to be repaved are: Lakeland Drive; Boxwood Drive; View Drive; Parkway Drive; Ashwood Drive; Cedarwood Drive; Hollywood Drive; Beachwood Drive; Firwood Drive; North Maplewood Drive;  Cedarwood Drive; Cottonwood Drive; Lemonwood Drive and Redwood Drive West.

Ducey said the state has indicated the parkway shoulder is being widened for safety reasons due to the numerous motorists who have veered off the highway into the trees that had been near the shoulder.

  • Stephen Brill

    That’s wonderful news that your quality of life will improve. Maybe your community could advocate for other areas similarly ‘infected’ by the Garden State Parkway and the township’s inaction in other parts of Brick!

  • Sue Resch

    All for the paving project but Georgia Drive in lake Riviera was forgotten in the project 2 years ago; please continue with that project before moving on.

  • Adicia

    It’s more cost effective to use town workers, the bids of outside profiteers will surely be exorbitant.

  • Maureen

    I invite all town council members to visit Carroll Fox Road but please travel with care! How does the town expect residents already severly damaged by Sandy to have any hope of attracting buyers to our communities? As a buyer, I would drive about 100 feet and get out of Brick!

  • JW P

    Call me a hardened fiscal conservative, and I know people like having smooth roads, but potholes keep speeding down in residential neighborhoods and on some level save the town money in deferred maintenance. My neighborhood was redone a few years ago and wish it hadn’t been.

  • Frank Rizzo

    This is not a bad area for the first time home buyer. Only problem is that some of these homes look like they belong in Appalachia and could use a dose of code enforcement to help along their cleanup and revitalize the entire neighborhood.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Where Beverly Beach road intersects with Herbertsville road something needs to be done. I’ve been here 55 years, and in all that time the road has never been graded properly. Huge puddles form when it rains more then half an inch. Not just on the sides of the road, the whole road. There is no crown to the beginning 50 or 75 feet of roadway, and it is full of potholes that laugh at the cold patch It needs to be scarified, regraded for a proper crown and repaved. An A, E or B inlet could easily be tied in to the existing county storm sewer on Herbertsville Road. I know that would be expensive, but they could at least put in an A inlet and tie it in to the county storm sewer for the time being. I wonder if I wrote up a petition and got most of the residents of Beverly Beach to sign it, would do any good.