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Brick Waiting on Sandy Grant Before Adopting 2015 Budget

The township's municipal budget has been proposed for 2015. (File Photos)
The township’s municipal budget has been proposed for 2015. (File Photos)

Brick Township held a required public hearing Tuesday night on its $98,917,050 budget for 2015 but did not adopt the spending plan. Officials said the township was waiting on final word from the state Department of Community Affairs on an Essential Services Grant that would provide federal funding to make up for portions of the tax base lost during Superstorm Sandy.

The third – and likely final – round of Sandy grants are designed to help local government agencies make up for tax revenue lost due to taxable property being lost during the storm. This year, awards will be halved from 2013, the first year the grants were allocated. Last year, Brick was awarded $3,750,000, which will likely be reduced by 25 percent this year, according to state budgeting documentation.

The public hearing on the budget, which includes a tax hike of $1,949,786 – enough to cost a Brick family with an average-priced $248,900 home $47.29 on the municipal portion of their tax bills – drew just one comment.


“People in Brick and in New Jersey are not looking for a small increase in their taxes, or even no increase in their taxes. They’re looking for their taxes to go down,” resident Vic Fanelli told council members. “Students who go to school out of state usually don’t come back because they can’t afford to live here. The birth rate is down. Retirees are moving out en masse, and they’re taking their money with them.”

Most of the tax increase can be related to issues stemming from Sandy, Mayor John Ducey has said. The tax base is still down $362,254,766 from pre-storm levels, which equates to a loss of $1,940,580 in tax revenue – nearly the entire increase this year – which must be paid by remaining residents. Additionally, Ducey said, the township must pay $3,726,150 in emergency note interest and principal payments related to storm cleanup. Altogether, Sandy-related expenses and the loss of tax base add up to $5,766,730 in the budget, equivalent to 5.62 cents on the tax rate.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Still blaming Sandy I see. What Sandy really did, was expose all the waste when the Tide went out, we saw that government was wearing no shorts. Don’t be fooled by them.


  • Tom Russo

    The Dems blamed the republicans for raising our taxes but since they have been in office they have not rolled back our taxes. We can not stand any type of increase. I will vote this Nov for the team that will roll back our taxes. Enough is Enough. Mayor Ducey has failed us.

    • JW P

      By the same token, they aren’t spending anymore either. The state and Federal government are the ones raising our taxes by slashing their contributions for local services. No matter how you look at it, it’s hard to blame town hall for this.

      • JJones

        Its funny when the republicans where in charge it was always there fault as per the democrats …so now its the Dem’s in charge its federal governments faults…iTS FUNNY PASS THE BUCK …Roll back taxes….your killing the people of brick when you were elected a few years ago ..you ran and stated you would cut taxes that were raised by Republicans …and you lied again ..

      • JW P

        The Acropolis tax team jacked up our taxes 10% in one year alone- the biggest increase in the state. Those clowns went on a bloody spending spree like some drunken sailors. And they were planning on building an even bigger empire to socialize hockey in this town so the mayor could have his own personal rink and take rateables off the book. Comparing this to the last band of losers in intellectually dishonest.

      • JJones

        And the democrates ran election saying they would cut taxes if elected and they havent done that yet either…So its the same bad show…no changes ..And the hockey thing was bad call I agree but thats way in the past…The time is now to see changes and we arent seeing taxes go down and crime and drugs are running crazy in our town which is now running with democrats in control…Suck it up and make the town a better safer drug free place to live…Its not happening under your watch …

      • JW P

        Elections have consequences and previous governments bind subsequent ones. We can’t even get a better deal on that confounded solar farm all because our former mayor/moron-in-chief made up a bogus excuse even though EVERYONE agrees it was dumb as hell.

        Near as I can tell, the township is cutting spending if the budget is down from 2 years and hasn’t grown to keep up with inflation. Expecting a miracle overnight is political crybabying and a stalking horse to hand back the keys to the 1st-rate crooks that messed everything up in the first place.

      • JJones

        The Democrat mayor went to jail …so there is your crook..

      • JW

        Yeah, the Democrat mayor who kept taxes incredibly low for years and years and ran this town like a well-oiled machine. Then the Brick GOPers came along to socialize hockey, fired half the building department to fill it with their worthless boosters, raised taxes more than anyone else in the state and couldn’t even manage to plow the roads or put on a 4th of July fireworks show. And you’re whining about a shrinking budget and a remarkably petty increase that doesn’t even match inflation? Give credit where credit is due. No other municipality in the state has it quite as good as we do and the momentum is clearly in our direction.

      • #@#.com

        Ok Joseph Woolston Brick…. The only thing about Democrat felon Mayor Scarpelli that was a “well oiled machine” were his palms and his pockets. They were being “greased” by crooked developers and pay to play partners for nearly 10 years. You’re complaining about plowing streets with almost 3 feet of snow? You’re complaining about no fireworks? Scarpelli raised taxes plenty. He also raised the township debt plenty. It’s easy to keep taxes steady during an election year when you bond and borrow 6 million. Scarpelli and his henchmen destroyed the DPW. Stolen equipment, pay to play plowing deals and scrap metal deals, renting out the Havens farm to private company that was paying bribes to town officials.
        I could go on for days about the crooked deals made during Scarpelli and his tax payer rip off years as Mayor. But as long as there are morons like you who are happy about “free fireworks”, the crooks will rule the town.
        Acropolis was a HORRIBLE Mayor. That is why the taxpayers threw him and his council out of office.
        Ducey and his lying council members, are the doing the same garbage that Acropolis and his pals did.
        Time to clean house again.
        Joe Scarpelli was the Worst mayor in Township history and his crooked cronies were ripping off the tax payers daily. For years.

      • #@#.com

        Joe Scarpelli the former criminal felon Democrat Mayor of Brick and his Brick democrat party club members and planning boards and attorneys come around full circle.

        In New Jersey, Party Bosses Meld Politics and Business …



        The New York Times


        Jan 1, 2006 – It also had the help of John A. Lynch Jr., one of New Jersey’s political power brokers. … Jack S. Morris, had the friendship and support of Mr. Lynch, …. won approval from local officials, and the town’s mayor, Joseph Scarpelli, …

        Scarpelli pleads guilty to accepting bribes as mayor | tri …




        Jan 11, 2007 – BRICK TOWNSHIP – Former Mayor Joseph C. Scarpelli left a …. that was a partnership of real estate developer Jack Morris and John Lynch, the …

  • JJ

    If the building department and inspector would step it up, maybe more people could get back in their homes and start paying taxes again. Although if the taxes keep going up new homes are easier to sell, just saying.

  • thomas Manning

    Tax’s will never go down till you reduce the cost of government. You can start by doing away with the cradle to grave pension system. Do what every other business has done, combination of cash balance and a 401K plan to start. instead of increasing the number of employees how about making them work more efficiently.