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Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested in Death of Brick Man, 24

Jesse Hay, 25, charged with causing the drug-inducted death of a Brick resident. (Photo: Ocean County Prosecutor's Office)
Jesse Hay, 25, charged with causing the drug-inducted death of a Brick resident. (Photo: Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office)

Authorities on Thursday announced the arrest of a South Plainfield man in the death of a Brick man to whom he is suspected of selling a lethal dose of the powerful painkiller fentanyl.

Jesse Hay, 25, faces charges under the state’s strict liability statute for the drug-induced death of Anthony Busby, 24, a Brick resident. Busby died Dec. 19, 2014 after Brick police were called to a home on Marilyn Drive for a report of a male who was found unresponsive, said Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. Busby was pronounced dead at 7:18 p.m. – just about a half hour after the 6:47 p.m. 911 call – at the scene by a medical examiner from Newark-Beth Israel Medical Center over the phone.

Following a protocol put into place by Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, an immediate investigation was started by the Brick Township Police Department, Ocean County Major Crime Unit, Ocean County Special Operations Group and the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department CSI unit.  The partnering agencies immediately processed the scene, Della Fave said, collecting all evidence of suspected narcotic activity and isolating evidence that could possibly lead to the dealer responsible for selling Busby the illegal narcotic.


Found at the scene were several white wax folds stamped with “730 Virus” in green ink and another ten wax folds stamped “Strike Dead” with the picture of the grim reaper in red and black ink.

Over the course of the following months, the partnering agencies, with assistance from the Edison Police Department, North Plainfield Police Department and the South Plainfield Police Department, would develop information identifying Hay as a suspect, said Della Fave. Indeed, the Ocean County Medical Examiner’s office found excessive levels of fentanyl in Busby’s system through autopsy results that were returned Dec. 20.

The Medical Examiner’s report also confirmed that the wax folds stamped “730 Virus” and “Strike Dead” both contained fentanyl, according to Della Fave.

Hay, who has been incarcerated continuously since his Dec. 23, 2014 arrest on the drug possession and distribution charges, was served his drug-induced death arrest warrant Thursday at 12:45 p.m. in the Middlesex County Jail by members of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit and Brick Township Police Department.

Della Fave said the prosecutor’s office has conducted 19 such investigations since Coronato became prosecutor in 2013, making the once-rarely used charge a central part of the battle against Ocean County’s heroin crisis. So far, six defendants have pled guilty to strict liability charges and two codefendants have pled guilty to drug charges in the 19 separate cases.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Where is the Obama Administration on this scourge of heroin killing young whites. They could care less since this is a white suburb issue. How may blacks have died from this compared to whites would be a great story Editor.

    • Brandy the Dog

      Frank, We have had this discussion before. I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall. We can’t blame Pres. Obama for this, his drug policy and budget on this matter has essentially been the same as Bush’s.
      Heroin is a tremendous problem in the urban areas also, it is a national problem. I do understand your concerns with the rise in usage of heroin in Brick and other Ocean County communities.

      • JW P

        Archie Bunker here has some fascination about making white people into victims of blacks and particularly a black president. His head functions differently than yours, so banging your head against something very hard will probably help understand his mindset.

      • Frank Rizzo

        That is not the point. Once an “issue” effects blacks the goverment gets involved and throws tons of money at it and gives speeches and passes new laws. This is an issue where blacks sell or distribute this to mainly whites. And no one is saying or doing anything. Why and how can Obama get involved in Black causes and issues and turn his back to this epidemic that is sweeping the country. Crack was a black drug and they accused the goverment of letting it happen because it was a black issue, why and how can you not see the same correlation.

      • JW P

        Considering how the government attacked mostly black crack-related crime and practically ignored wealthy white cokeheads who were using effectively the same drug in a different form, I’d say the issue is a lot different depending on whether or not you live in reality, which you don’t.

        I went to high school with a lot of these poor innocent white victims of black drug lords that you speak of. They turn up on Shorebeat occasionally in the crime reports. They were junkies even back then because their *white* parents were junkies. This mostly white town has no shortage of alcoholics and dope fiends and always has, we just don’t like to admit it because it would reflect poorly on this mostly white community. So keep blaming the evil darkies for this town and country’s problem at dealing with substance abuse. Drug addiction doesn’t discriminate like the legal system can if we let it.

      • Frank Rizzo

        So under your twisted liberal brain washed thought process…whites cannot be victims of blacks hatred?

      • JW P

        I’m sure the Black Panthers burn upper case “T”s on your front lawn all the time.

      • Frank Rizzo

        No…the just target and kill police and intimidate voters in Philadelphia and promote racial harmony by using the slogan..Black Power with a raised fist. Research how they tortured and killed Alex Rackley….the black Panthers are probably worse than or at best equal to any white hate groups but always seem to get a pass on their hate.

      • JW P

        You should seriously quit whatever you’re smoking. The paranoia here is crazy-dude-under-the-bridge-level crazy.