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Breaking: Vote to Reinstate John Talty to Brick BOE Fails

John Talty
John Talty

A vote to reinstate Brick Board of Education member John Talty to his elected post has failed.

Talty resigned last month after his recovery from open heart surgery was not moving as quickly as he expected, but in recent weeks, he regained much of his health and expressed an interest in rescinding his resignation from the board. Talty was present at Thursday night’s board meeting.

Members of the public were allowed to speak on the matter before the board voted in a 3-3 tie to rescind Talty’s resignation. The tie, board attorney Jack Sahradnik said, meant the motion failed and Talty would not be reinstated as a board member.


Sahradnik, for his part, said a review of case law resulted in him not recommending the board entertain a rescission.

Board members John Barton, Frank Pannucci, Jr. and Michael Conti all voted against rescinding Talty’s resignation; board members Karyn Cusanelli, Susan Suter and Board President Sharon Cantillo voted in favor of it.

Speakers from the public, likewise, were divided on whether Talty should have been able to rescind his resignation. But most acknowledged that Talty was a top vote-getter in the election where he won his seat.

“I think, with John running and getting over 5,000 votes from the public, the public was satisfied with him,” said resident George Scott. “I think his going back on the board would satisfy all those people who voted for him.”

Some disagreed.

“There should be a special election, and if he still has the support of the people, he will win,” said Patricia Marsden. “Bricktown just doesn’t have the money” should someone have challenged the reinstatement which would have racked up legal bills.

Talty had served several terms on the board. He first began serving in 2004, when he was elected as part of a ticket with Cantillo. The pair defeated incumbents John Bendokas and Brian DeLuca that year. His latest stint began in 2010. Some members of the public said Talty’s experience was needed as the board navigates the precarious situation in which the district has found itself in the wake of the arrest of Superintendent Walter Uszenski. Others said Talty’s reinstatement should not have been considered because he voted in favor of hiring Uszenski in the first place.

“Mr. Talty has given his all, and I believe it would be a disservice at this point not to have him back on the board,” said Melanie Briggs. “You need him more now than ever.”

But Barton, Pannucci and Conti all said that since Talty had already submitted his resignation and the district began to advertise for a replacement, the legal process should be followed.

“He should put his resume in, just like everyone else, and go through the process,” Pannucci said.

“My opinion is that the process should be followed out,” said Barton. “To make a decision right now and just appoint somebody and not follow the process … that should never happen.”

“I really believe that Mr. Talty has done a wonderful job as a board member,” Cantillo said. “I’ve seen him face adversity. It’s not a popularity contest; sometimes you have to make some very tough decisions. Character is based on what you do when you have to make tough decisions.”

When a board member resigns their post, the remaining board members are responsible for selecting a replacement to serve until the next board election is held. Resumes are being accepted through June 1, after which the board will conduct interviews and appoint the replacement.

Talty would be eligible to interview to be appointed back to his own seat. It was not immediately known whether or not Talty had, or planned on, submitting his resume to be considered.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    I find this most interesting, so tell me again how the people of Brick hired Mr. Talty by a vast majority, but now the school board can’t rescind his resignation? What if the majority of the Brick residents want him back? Are we going to go through the cost of another election? That’s especially interesting when the people of Brick hired him and not the other board members, how can the board members advertize for a replacement when it’s the people of Brick that do the hiring in the first place, was a list going to be gathered and then a special election held? Or is there some behind the scenes garbage going on? What would be cheaper a special election or fending off some legal mumbo jumbo that may never happen if nobody contests the restoration of a person that became ill but recovered. I wonder if there is even something Talty could do with the disability act. The three that voted against the people of Brick, remember that we have a long memory, we will remember come the next election that YOU failed to heed the will of the majority of the township residents! Maybe you should start packing up your desk sirs, Hey Barton, I voted for you, may change my mind come the next election.

    • JJones

      Its politics…bad politics…

      • Joseph Woolston Brick

        We had a bad bunch with Acropolis administration, the town got sick of it and we got rid of them, if the board wants to play politics, we can do the same. It’s their decision if they want to hold on to their positions, the balls in their court.

  • Glenn

    John Barton, Frank Pannucci, Jr. and Michael Conti, I will remember you.

    • lazereye15

      oh and the other 3 are angles

    • Joseph Woolston Brick

      I as well.

  • Regina Vassilatos

    I believe Mr. Talty should be reinstated, he left because he had a medical issue not because he didnt want to do the job. Give OUR community what it wants. We want Mr. Talty. We voted him in obviously we want him back.

    • lazereye15

      ok bring him back and throw out that snake contillo

    • Joseph Woolston Brick


  • JW

    School board politics are so petty because the stakes are so remarkably low. The state dictates most of the rules anyway It’s always personal with these guys. They’re all crooked as a barrel of snakes anyway- each and every one.

    • If you look at it from the perspective of a political party, the stakes are not low, as the board controls millions of dollars worth of contracts for legal services, auditors, financial firms, construction projects, consultants, etc.

      • Joseph Woolston Brick

        It should also be pointed out that a lot of people that get on school boards use that position as a stepping stone to higher office. Brick people are tired of shenanigans no matter what political office. It’s time for us to spread those stepping stones a little farther apart. These people have to realize the kids come first, their political aspirations later, way later.

      • Adicia

        Dan, did Mr. Talty have to resign or could he have taken a leave (retained his spot) for his medical issues? Not sure you would know but maybe some else might.

      • Adicia – No, he did not. The law allows a board member to miss meetings for “good cause,” which includes the case of a serious issue such as recovery from surgery. From what I understand, John initially believed his recovery was going to be slower than it turned out to be in the end, and resigned because he thought it was the right thing to do. Legally, he was under no obligation to do so.

  • KMC

    It was time for John Talty to go. He and Sharon Cantillo brought Dr. Uzenski in. The Board of Ed. advertised for a new board member . So what do you do with those applications that came in? Just say “oh we changed our mind?” If he didn’t want to resign he shouldn’t have. That simple. He did. And I am happy that Barton, Panucci and Conte finally stepped up to the plate and said no to the President of the board. With all the legal problems going on now, we don’t need more expenses. And there will be no special election. If John Talty wants to come back, he can apply like the rest. That simple.

    • Joseph Woolston Brick

      OK fine, let him re-apply, BUT hold a special election, get all the names that have applied, send out their qualifications to the public and let us decide who gets the job, not the school board members, we elected the school board, we are the reason they are on it, why do they get to pick who replaces Talty? It should be us the people of Brick, not them. I can just imagine if Talty did apply, that the application would probably end up in the round file. Maybe Dan Nee can inform us if and or why the school board can choose a new person to fill a vacated space on their own and not by the voting public of Brick.

      • Here’s how the law works. First, let’s get the phrase “special election” out of our heads. It was incorrectly reported by “another” news site that this would happen. It’s simply not true. When a board vacancy occurs, the law states that the remaining board members must post the vacancy, hold interviews and select and new member. If a majority cannot agree on a new member, the decision goes to the County Superintendent who then selects a member himself. That member serves until the following election, when the public elect a candidate to serve out the remainder of the term.

        There are no special elections, whatsoever, in this process. 😉