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Brick Man Arrested for Assaulting Fellow Parent At Youth Football Practice

Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr
Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr)

A Brick man, the parent of a Pop Warner football player, has been charged with assault after allegedly striking another parent repeatedly at a youth football practice with enough force to knock the victim to the ground.

Damon Burr, 37, was arrested Wednesday by Jackson police at the Pop Warner football field on Manhattan Street there. Police Officers Jeff Henba, Ralph Seda, Greg Schmidt and Ben Ravaioli went to the field after receiving a call reporting the assault, and arrived to find a 43-year-old man in need of medical attention. The man was a parent of a child at the football practice, as was the suspect, according to police.

The victim, who was not identified by name, received medical attention from the officers. An investigation at the scene revealed an argument had transpired between the victim and another parent, identified as Burr, over “ongoing issues,” at which time the suspect struck the victim, knocking him down to the ground, and then reportedly struck him several more times while he was on the ground, police said in a statement.


Burr has been charged with fourth degree simple assault at a youth sporting event. He was processed and later released on summons pending a court appearance.

A photo of Burr was not released by police.

  • 50yearsplusinbrick

    Get child protective services involved! This guy has serious anger issues and family needs help.

  • JJones

    Let the kids play ..ban the father from the fields…

  • SB

    Wow, how mature and what a good example to set for his children…

  • Douglas White

    Disgusting to do that to a child’s dad right in front of him. What a POS

  • DennyD

    Probably one of those Pop Weasel dads who is all fired up because his 8 year old is the next ( insert name) and will be the MVP of Super Bowl LXX.