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Former Assistant Brick Business Administrator Ends Legal Action Against Township


Juan Bellu, the former assistant business administrator in Brick Township, has dropped a lawsuit against the township asking to be reinstated in a civil service position that the administration of Mayor John Ducey claimed was fraudulently obtained.

Bellu, who was hired in January 2008 by former mayor Stephen C. Acropolis as a Data Processing Systems Programmer, was quickly promoted and given salary increases and eventually became the assistant business administrator. The hiring became controversial when Acropolis was hired as executive director of the Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority, for which Bellu serves as a commissioner. Ducey suspended Bellu on his first day as mayor, then fired him. Bellu, in turn, sued the township and filed numerous grievances with the state Civil Service Commission.

Bellu dropped his suit against the township on Tuesday, Ducey said.


“Mr. Bellu signed a release, releasing the township from all claims for zero dollars,” said Ducey. “It’s over with, it’s dismissed.”

The township will not seek damages from Bellu to recoup the money it spent to defend the suit, Ducey said. The township’s attorneys advised that such action could prove costly and success was not guaranteed.

The end of the legal action comes two months after the township filed a motion in the case alleging Bellu lied about having earned a college degree from Montclair State University on his job application for the original civil service title. The township also reiterated claims that the civil service title was a fraud used as a vehicle to hire Bellu in the first place.

The township’s labor attorney wrote in the March 6 brief that Bellu did not take a leave of absence from his civil service position in 2008 to take the appointed position. Instead, documents obtained during the discovery process showed a leave of absence form was entered for Bellu three years later to retroactively cover the period of March 5, 2008 to March 5, 2009. Then, after a one-day return to the civil service position, multiple leaves of absence were entered for Bellu in February and March 2012, to cover him for the period of March 6, 2009 through March 5, 2013. Since Bellu did not request the leave of absence from his civil service title when he took the appointed job in Brick government in 2008 – instead later “forging” leave of absence requests – he abandoned claims to civil service protection, the township argued.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Only good thing the democRATS have done.

    • Glenn


    • SoWhat?

      You are so right Wahoo. The only good thing.

  • Tom Russo

    He had me fooled. Sad state of affairs.

  • Average Joe

    If these people put half the efforts into their jobs as they do trying to run these scams, civil government would be a lot better. Currently it feels like its a haven for slackers and double-dippers (not inferring this is the case for ALL civil employees, you just seem to hear about these things over and over!).

    • Frank Rizzo

      The country all had jobs equal to or better than any goverment worker has today in the not too distant past. What happened to them all…..who said unions were bad and that you did not need them anymore to protect you And provide a decent wage for you. What ever jobs are here have to be here…..there is not too much more they can ship overseas….so unite and demand better from your goverment…..or do not vote as most of you are guilty of and suffer like lambs slaughtered by Political correctness.

  • Frank Rizzo

    The gift that keeps on giving…Thank you Brick Republicans…You are a club that is split…the good best get control of the organization or else you will be irrelevant.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    He was a scam artist right from the get go. But that’s just my opinion.

  • SoWhat?

    Juan Bellu Acropolis, then Acropolis hired Juan to work in town hall.

  • Laura

    He is probably the next Republican from Brick government that Point Pleasant will hire. After Dave Francese, that is.

  • Adicia

    The pendulum lies in the west.

  • JW

    Hope the town can get a costs order against his frivolous law suit. What an abuse of process.