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Ocean County to Step Up DWI Enforcement, Checkpoints

Police Lights (Photo: Jason Rojas/Flickr)
Police Lights (Photo: Jason Rojas/Flickr)

Ocean County authorities said this week that they will be stepping up intoxicated driving enforcement and checkpoints through the county as prom season and summer traveling season pick up.

The county will continue its checkpoints in various areas countywide; unlike Monmouth County, Ocean County does not announce the exact locations of its checkpoints, but alerts the press to the general nature of its enforcement program.

“The start of prom season and the added volume of summer shore traffic calls for increased vigilance by law enforcement, and that will be the focus over the coming months to keep motorists safe,” said Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato, in a statement.


Working with local police agencies, county law enforcement will participate in staging numerous checkpoints throughout Ocean County, the statement went on the say. The program’s design “creates a force multiplier” by regionalizing and supplementing local DWI enforcement. The program will also conduct DWI enforcement patrols throughout the county.

“While inattentive and aggressive drivers are always targets of law enforcements’ regular patrols, the purpose of these efforts is to detect, educate, deter, arrest, and vigorously prosecute impaired drivers,” the statement said.

The program targets those under the influence of alcohol, but in response to Ocean County’s drug crisis also utilizes an addition of two drug recognition experts, known as DREs, at each checkpoint to detect those under the influence of narcotics. The county also oversees a countywide call out system for DRE’s to respond and assist local agencies in conducting evaluations of motorists suspected to be operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs.

Each year, the prosecutor’s office said, impaired drivers are responsible for about a third of the deaths occurring on Ocean County roadways. In 2013 Ocean County had 51 fatalities, the second highest number in the state.  During 2014, there were 46 deaths on Ocean County roadways.

The checkpoint program, which is funded in part by the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, will be conducted by local police agencies in conjunction with detectives from the prosecutor’s office. The Ocean County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit will also participate, focusing on both intoxicated and drug impaired drivers.  The program is operated through the Prosecutor’s Vehicular Homicide Unit, coordinated by Det. David Margentino under the direction of Assistant Prosecutor Patrick Sheehan.

Coronato reminded drivers that an extra measure of caution and not operating under the influence can prevent tragedy.

  • Goodgrief

    Didn’t Coronato used to be a public defender?

    • JW

      That was a loooong time ago.

  • Mac

    The American way of life wasn’t created to be a police state that is reinforced with at whim police manned roadblocks. These roadblocks are subjecting innocent citizens to be selectively separated from their freedoms in order to validate that they are not guilty of something, which is basically everything and anything. If a police officer needs to stop everything that moves in order to determine whether a person is fit to operate a motor vehicle, then that police officer hasn’t been trained well enough to be a police officer.

    • JJones

      just sit by bars in town on friday or saturday nights..simple ..

      • Mac

        tusk, tusk – profiling – shame on you – however, such action would be more in the spirit of proper public law enforcement than roadblocks – I can hear the business community screaming bloody murder already

  • Frank Rizzo

    DWI is reflective of what an organized middle class can do with government when it is not splintered by political correctness invented by liberals to divide and conquer you.

  • Jan Wheeler Lachowycz

    I may be in the minority here on this issue but I think it’s pretty stupid to announce where the speed traps will be located.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Tell the liberal Democrats who ruled in the NJ Supreme Court that police must do this to make them legal.

    • JJones

      agrred ..the flashing lights is all that is needed ..

  • JJones

    There’s a big business for a taxi companys to have vans located at the big places to offer rides at a reasonable rate to safely get everyone home …better than the costs of lawyers and fines…lose of licenses …I think some place have numbers available ,,but just have some one in the lot or near by ???