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Power Grid Can Handle Upcoming Summer Despite Plant Retirements, Operator Says

Power lines on a local street. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Power lines on a local street. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The operator of the massive, 13 state power grid that includes New Jersey said Tuesday that its 177,650 megawatt power capacity is enough to handle all the energy that will be required for the upcoming summer season.

Demand in the region, grid operator PJM Interconnection said, will be 155,279 megawatts at its peak this summer. That figure leaves PJM’s reserve margin at about 21 percent, which is above the 15.6 percent required margin. The amount of installed generation is slightly less than last year because of a number of power plant retirements.

Each plant – regardless of its owner – generates a certain number of megawatts which flow the overall power grid. The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in Lacey Township, for example, adds 636 megawatts of capacity to the grid. That plant is scheduled to be shut down in 2019.


The highest peak use of power in PJM’s history was 165,492 MW in July 2011.

“We expect to have sufficient power to keep air conditioners and all electrical devices running this summer,” said Michael J. Kormos, executive vice president of operations. “Summer can be the real test of our system because of heavy use of air conditioning across the 13-state region. This is why we work year-round to ensure that power resources are in place to meet consumer demand.”

Since the summer of 2014, PJM made various transmission enhancements to the bulk power system, including adding new 230-kilovolt and 138-kilovolt transmission lines, converting an existing transmission line from 138 kilovolt to 230 kilovolt, and upgrading transformers. In addition, PJM is retrofitting approximately 20 transmission lines with higher-rated transmission conductors.

The recent completion of the Susquehanna-Roseland 500-kilovolt transmission line between Pennsylvania and New Jersey is also expected to relieve congestion on the system this summer, a statement from PJM said.

PJM also expects to have about 8,500 megawatts of demand response and energy efficiency available. Demand response is a program of committed customers who are willing to interrupt or reduce their electricity use in the event of a system emergency.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    I’m not so sure I believe them. We get a lot of power fluctuations up here in Beverly Beach. I have a little gadget that proves it.

    • JW

      My neighbor’s an electrician and said the same thing about why we end up with so many outages in Hollywood Manor. The power stations on Herbertsville Rd and Bursville Rd are practically held together with old bubble gum and paperclips according to him. Didn’t one of these catch fire a few weeks back, or was that in Point?

      • Frank Rizzo

        maybe if the liberals did not close the power plants down and put laws in place to make it harder if not impossible to build new ones, we might not have this problem.

      • JW

        Yeah Frank, the CoGen plant in Lakewood is a rusting hulk of nothing. Not that that has ANYTHING to do with the private JCP&L refusing to properly maintain its PRIVATE electrical grid which it has a monopoly on.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Coal plants have been shuttered by liberals not to mention the poor people of Appalachia who’s only job was to mine the coal are now on welfare. Nuke plants are not allowed…Evil oil as you libs call it…is a risk to our environment or so you say. Then tell me….how do you propose to generate electricity. Why won’t you liberals allow us to burn garbage to generate power. We are having these brown outs because of environmental wacko lobbyists who have succeeded in closing power plants down and preventing the building of new one. You do not believe the Co-Gen plant of Lakewood is big enough to handle our needs.

      • JW

        More bullshit from the angriest man on Earth. Seriously, get a life. You aren’t a good writer, and waste your time on mini essay rants like this.

  • SoWhat?

    We have controlled rolling brownouts all the time in the summer.
    I just can’t wait until the next real heat wave with all the new homes sprouting up in Lakewood.
    Same with the next drought. 10-15 years ago we couldn’t water lawns or wash cars because the aquifers were being depleted. We were supposed to run out of water. that was the time they built the reservoir. What will we do now with all the new Lakewood development?
    Same with the sewer systems and roads. Thousands of new homes and buildings, and tens of thousands of people and no new infrastructure.
    The future does not look good for Brick residents.

  • Matt

    A new generation reactor should be built at oyster creek. The facility is already going to be used as a nuclear storage facilty, since the current administration stopped construction of Yucca Mountain by executive order for political reasons. PSEG has applied for construction of a new reactor in Salem, but who knows if it will ever be built. It seems the “environmentalists”, who claim that we need to stop using coal and oil should stop fighting every single alternative. Every time a solar farm, wind turbine farm, or conversion of a power plant from coal to natural gas is propsed, the Sierra Club or some similar group files one lawsuit after another until companies give up.

    • JW

      Yucca mountain is fully built and ready to take waste, but it’s been prevented from accepting any for 20 years. Nevada doesn’t want our nuclear waste and I don’t blame them.

      • B.J.D

        They shouldn’t have been taking the money to build it then.

      • JW

        Maybe the Feds shouldn’t have decided to put a nuclear waste dump for the rest of the country in a place with no nuclear plants. Nevada didn’t want the money anyway.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Solar…the sun…the sun will power that computerized giant hospital you demand…the sun will power our homes and cell phone towers and all these other devices you demand and will not last without. You liberals are delusional with this alternate energy sources while each day our lives become more and more tied to electricity and computers.

      • JW

        More tangents from the troll king. Where should Oyster Creek’s nuclear waste go? Are you volunteering your backyard? Typical nimby grouch here.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Yes…please use my backyard for this purpose. I have no problem with using Brick for nuclear waste storage instead of Yucca mountain.

      • JW

        I bet you’re everyone’s favorite neighbor, aren’t you?