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Beer, Wine Concession May Return to Summerfest After All

Bricktoberfest (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Bricktoberfest (Photo: Daniel Nee)

After failing to receive bids – twice – for a beer and wine concession at Brick Township’s Summerfest and Bricktoberfest events, the township council will consider a measure this week to award a negotiated contract to a township business to run the stand.

The council, which will meet Tuesday, is set to accept a $5,600 contract from Three Boys Corporation, the owner of the Windward Tavern restaurant, to run the concession. Windward Tavern has agreed to all of the township’s specifications for running the concession and has already submitted payment to the township.

The contract will allow Windward Tavern to run the beer and wine concession at Summerfest, which begins July 2, and Bricktoberfest, which takes place Oct. 4.


The beer and wine concession was introduced to Summerfest last year by Mayor John Ducey. For the 2014 season, River Rock Bar and Grill paid $20,225 to the township.

The council will meet Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the township municipal complex.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Too bad. No one wanted to bid on the Public Takers shakedown. It’s getting harder to fleece the Bricktucky Sheep. Depressions have a way of making everyone broke and now the parasites are starting to feel the effects.

  • Glenn

    Another witty and upbeat comment from chief whowho.

  • Tom Russo

    Sad they have to sell alcohol at summerfest. Never was like this untill this group of politicans took over. Very Sad.

    • JW

      Hey, it’s a business opportunity and the town owns the real estate and could use the money. Might as well give the people want they want, lest they do what they want and BYOB.