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Brick Man, 36, Faces Drug Possession Charge

Gavel (Credit: Brian Turner/Flickr)
Gavel (Credit: Brian Turner/Flickr)

A Brick man was indicted June 25 on a drug possession charge in Monmouth County, authorities said.

Daniel I. Mann, 36, of Sawmill Road, was indicted alongside Raymond J. Clayton, 36, of Drummond Avenue in Neptune. Mann faces a charge of third degree cocaine possession.

The indictment stems from an arrest that occurred Dec. 11, 2014 in Neptune.



(Editor’s note: This story was corrected from its original version. An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed the pending charge.)

  • Frank Rizzo

    Death penalty case as far as I am concerned. Thank you once again Lakewood for exporting your trash to the surrounding towns. Has anyone seen the building boom in Lakewood…tremendous amount of new homes going up….soon they will run out of land….next they will demolish shopping centers to build homes and then Lakewood Blue claws stadium once that development is occupied across he street from them.