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Brick Mayor Introduces Plan to Help Fill Empty Storefronts

A sign advertises commercial leasing at the Laurel Square shopping center.
A sign advertises commercial leasing at the Laurel Square shopping center. (Credit: Google Maps)

Brick Mayor John Ducey unveiled a plan Tuesday night aimed at encouraging businesses to move into existing, vacant storefronts rather than constructing new buildings.

Under the “Storefront Revitalization Program,” Ducey said the township will waive permit and inspection fees if a business chooses to move into a location less that has been vacant for more than a year and is 5,000 square feet or less in area.

“We want to fill those empty spots,” Ducey said, adding that in speaking with residents, one of their primary concerns is the fact that so many storefronts sit empty while new businesses often construct new buildings.


The initiative is largely an experiment, the mayor explained. The township cannot prevent a business from construction a new building if they own property and comply with building codes – but the revitalization program could spur a new business owner to take a chance on an existing storefront in order to save money.

“It’s going to help small businesses expand and relocate here in our town,” Ducey said. “Entrepreneurs, please, come to Brick!”

  • ThereRnoFiscalConservatives

    WILL DO NOTHING to lower the unbelievable high rents these people want for these places.
    WHICH IS WHY they moved out in the first place.

  • Frank Rizzo

    We all feed the beast that is killing us…and that beast is the INTERNET!. The only thing we can do is shut the internet down which is impossible…or tear down as many commercial buildings as we can foreclose on to return the land to it’s natural state and make the remaining ones more valuable and easier to rent. Otherwise we will have desperate land owners renting to anything they can as the decline of commercial real estate gathers speed. Internet shopping is only helping to grow U.P.S. and FedEx…not the everyday American’s job prospects and wallet. Drive by the giant automated warehouse Amazon has off of RT 195 and see your future.

    • Ali Jamar Taylor

      Or they could tear down those vacant storefronts and build housing instead.

      • JJones

        Can’t build more housing till they clean up the problems in the ones we have now..

      • Chuck Cumella

        AGREE!! NO MORE HOUSING. Housing creates problems and more children to our schools. Our schools are a mess now; we don’t want anymore kids.

  • SB

    Sounds like a good start to me. I’ve often wondered why businesses come in and build new buildings when there are storefronts empty and ready to fill. It’s sad to see places sit vacant. I’ve also wondered why the owners of some of these empty places don’t offer sweet deals to potential tenants to entice them to move in, Empty storefronts hurt the businesses around them, too. If you’re already paying taxes and maintenance on a property, why not lower the rent for the first year to get someone in there. It’s better to collect less than usual than nothing.

  • Frank Rizzo

    No one wants these small spaces anymore. A drug store is not a small place these days, and it has to look like all the other Rite Aids and Walgreens too. Video stores are gone, small deli’s and convenience stores cannot compete with WAWA.. And WAWA will not use an existing building.

    • JJones

      Frank there are many larger size building in town that would have worked for some of the new fast food places that have appeared in past months..Another idea is give them a tax break to move in for a few years and get them established…

      • Frank Rizzo

        Then why did they choose to build new?..These companies have a standard of how the structures should look and be decorated. Have you ever seen a McDonalds ever look like something different or in a strip mall.

      • Elkor

        actually those do exist, not all MacDonalds are standalone structures.
        I get your point though, it’s just a bad example.

  • JJones

    People have been saying this for years fill the vacant before you let the build new…why the change in attitude
    ..Election coming ?

  • Chief Wahoo

    Are you trying to tell us Mr. Mayor that the best way to help entrepreneurs is by government getting out of the way and their grubby hands out of their pockets. We agree. Unfortunately it’s too late, the entrepreneur is bankrupt. You public parasites have killed the golden goose.


  • SoWhat?

    Raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour like the clueless democrats want, and watch all the store fronts really empty out. Many small business owners barely break even and between minimum wage hikes, taxes and forced insurance and benefits for employees, many will go under or walk away from business.

  • SoWhat?

    The reason many small businesses hire illegals is to avoid payroll taxes. raise the minimum wage and force them to give paid leave and health benefits and it will be a death spiral for food and manual labor business.

  • JJones

    You would think the property owners would give incentives to draw new business to open in vacant building …Instead of them being empty …The Mayor has no control of owners..Unless theres tax incentives …