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Brick Purchases New Dump Trucks: Will Help in Snowstorms, Officials Say

Brick Public Works (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Public Works (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The Brick Township council voted this week to purchase three new dump trucks which can be outfitted with snow plows, officials said.

The dump trucks cost $157,828 each, for a total of $473,484, said Council President Paul Mummolo. The trucks, 2016 model single-axle trucks with a stainless steel, hydraulically-driven dump body, will be outfitted with a pre-wetting system and come with plows that can be attached.

The trucks will be purchased from Maurice Schwartz and Sons, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth County.


“This will be more cost effective in the long run,” said Councilman Jim Fozman, since fewer contractors will be needed to plow snow.

The contract with Schwartz requires that the trucks be delivered to the township within six months.

  • Mac

    [“This will be more cost effective in the long run,” said Councilman Jim Fozman, since fewer contractors will be needed to plow snow.] – What a stupid statement! You either need the trucks or you don’t. It’s not going to reduce the overall costs of snow plowing one dime.

    • JJones

      “Stupid is as stupid does”…this is running our town ..

  • Glenn

    What else will the “dump trucks”, not garbage trucks as pictured, be used for the other 3 seasons?

    • They’ll retrofit them with machine guns and grenade launchers and give them to the police to they can “protect” us.

  • Tom Russo

    Spend Spend Spend

  • jo jo ormaz

    According to the Township Meeting May 19, 2015. for the purchase 2 trucks from Campbell Freightliner LLC. for $193,977.00 each. new trucks, added service plans,! I can see the savings. our own workers –
    Now – let’s remember this conversation: Sept 2014 ShoreBeat/ “The township uses a combination of its own public works employees and contractors to plow municipally-owned roads in town, but the MUA will supplement the township crews and limit the amount Brick taxpayers will have to pay contractors,” as continued: “the BTMUA employees will be paid their standard wage for snow plowing. The council, in July, added a number of local construction firms to a pool of contractors to be called on during snow events. They capped the amount to be spent on contractors at $800,000 for the season.” the season – December – March = 4 months at a cost of $200,000.00 [ not including salt ]. per month. divide that per 30 days= $ 6,666.00 a day spending. Wait that gets better.. Hire 30 workers at a labor rate of $222.22 per day? Really? Back to the old Question – where does the money go? wasn’t there a meeting a while ago – someone said that the labor rate is $175.00 per hour? Really?? while those contracting companies place adds on Craig’s list for locals off the street with a CDL to plow for $15.00 – 25.00 hour? here’s the new game – request to see what those “sub contractors are earning” – under the “contract” – we are the tax payers, we should know ! I have to ask? why outsource? when we have many of our own people here in town looking for work and need jobs?

    • JW

      Fair pay is a big issue, and government-by-contract is definitely prone to skimping on that, but I do believe that there are rules against discriminating on geographic origin or residency when it comes to government contracts and employment.

    • JJones

      Spending tax payers money..the rule are made to be changed by Mayor and council…same old crap different faces…and really one truck is going to save money and less sub contractors..really maybe two less..wow savings of 500.00 ..big woopie …November are election are coming folks …we need a change again ..and different faces on Republican’s and same ones on Democrats and Independent ..God i hope we go in a better direction soon ..sadly in BRICK faces have changed but the B.S. CONTINUES..

  • Chief Wahoo

    Dumping taxpayer Money into dump trucks. Isn’t That why you all voted for Vera and Lie decker ????

  • I wonder which board members brother/uncle/cousin/nephew owns the dump truck company we’re buying them from?

  • Frank Rizzo

    The trucks are ours…and we will not be held hostage by contractors not showing up or failing tomdomtheir jobs.