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Brick Seeking Food Vendors for Brick Beach I, Windward Beach

The entrance to Windward Beach Park in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The entrance to Windward Beach Park in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Township is soliciting bids for food vendors at Brick Beach I and Windward Beach.

The township council this week voted in favor of soliciting bids for a new vendor at the ocean beach and a mobile food vendor to serve Windward Beach. The Brick Beach I contract would begin with the 2016 season and last for three years while the Windward Beach mobile vendor would have a contract for one season.

The contract with the current food vendor at Brick Beach I, Jersey Shore Snack Shack of Point Pleasant, expires Sept. 15 after six years. Jersey Shore Snack Shack paid $23,400 per year to the township under the contract, totaling $144,400 over the six-year period.


Having a mobile food vendor at Windward will represent a revival of a long-standing policy that had stopped, Council President Paul Mummolo said.

“We used to go out for bids to this service and stopped when we no longer received any bids,” he said.

The mobile food vendor would sell food items and snacks, including breakfast sandwiches, coffee, ice cream and candy, said Mummolo. The vendor would be able to sell items at certain township events held at the park, such as the weekly Farmers Market, but would not be allowed to sell food during Summerfest and Bricktoberfest events, which have their own dedicated food vendors under separate contracts.

“The times will end before Summerfest starts,” said Mummolo.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    The reason nobody put bids in for Windward, is the simple fact since they put in the $5 a head beach fee for Windward, nobody is going there, the place is a ghost town compared to when it was free. When it was free the vendors made their money back and some because they had customers, after the fee, they didn’t break even, in fact they lost money. Either remove the beach fee from Windward or reduce it greatly. Windward Beach can barely qualify as a beach, adults can’t swim there, your very limited to what you can do at Windward because of the shallow water if your an adult, it’s too shallow which on a blazing hot day for adults Windward is not a place to be. Little kids can swim there, but I wouldn’t let my kid dunk his/her head into that polluted mess they call the Metedeconk. Reduce or get rid of the beach fee and you’ll get yourself a vendor down there!