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Guilty Plea for Man Who Carved Swastika Into Neighbor’s Lawn in Senior Community

Scott F. Cooney (Photo: Ocean County Jail)
Scott F. Cooney (Photo: Ocean County Jail)

Prosecutors said Monday that they would be seeking a 15 month-long prison term for a 36-year-old man who carved a swastika into his neighbors’ lawn in the Leisure Village senior community off Route 70 in Lakewood.

Scott F. Cooney, 36, who also lives in Leisure Village, pleaded guilty Monday before Judge James M. Blaney to one count of bias intimidation, said Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. The plea stems from Cooney’s Aug. 13, 2014 arrest, when he was charged after victimizing his neighbors for “several months,” Della Fave said.

The dispute between Cooney and the neighbors culminated in an incident where Cooney used a lead pipe to carve a swastika into his neighbors’ front lawn.

Scott F. Cooney is charged with carving this swastika into a neighbor's lawn. (Photo: Ocean County Prosecutor's Office)
Scott F. Cooney is charged with carving this swastika into a neighbor’s lawn. (Photo: Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office)

“The victims, not wanting to provoke a confrontation, stayed safely within their home” during the incident, Della Fave said.

After Cooney left, the homeowners went outside and photographed the swastika before calling police.

At the time of his arrest, Judge Francis R. Hodgson set bail at $25,000. Cooney initially posted bail, however it was revoked after Cooney violated an order banning him from having any contact with his victims. The no contact order remains in place, Della Fave said, though Cooney has remained incarcerated since his bail revocation on June 5.

Cooney faces a maximum of 18 months in prison.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Lets politicize these kooks who do these things with more and more laws while we fail to, or refuse to, prosecute hate crimes that occur against whites and Christians. For some reason Christian and Catholic is still out there for comedians and commentators to make fun of and bring down.

    • JW

      Thanks for proving once again that kooks like you don’t consider non white Christians human. It’s all about making you into a victim.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Lol…you really are dumb…reading comprehension bozo. It is open season on whites and Christians by comedians and anyone looking for shock value while all others seem to have been elevated to a state of deity. I watch Latin television…and I tell you..there is nothing inclusive or politically correct about it.

      • JW


  • Jerseygal

    Why is a 36 year old living in a senior community? A friend of mine recently purchased a home in one but called the realtor a few weeks shy of her 55th birthday, the realtor said she couldn’t even show her homes until her 55th birthday! So how does this person get to live in a age restricted place? As far the the swatstika goes – very very mean thing to do. If he had some sort of dispute with the neighbor wouldn’t it have been a better idea to try talking it over with them before resorting to vandalism?