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Proposed Contractor Yard on Mantoloking Road Before Brick Zoning Board

128 Mantoloking Road, Brick. (Credit: Apple Maps)
128 Mantoloking Road, Brick. (Credit: Apple Maps)

Brick Township’s Zoning Board of Adjustment heard testimony Wednesday night on a proposed contractor yard off Mantoloking Road that, if approved, would expand to allow truck storage, dumpsters, trailers and other equipment on the lot.

The history of the property at 128 Mantoloking Road is the subject of some confusion. In order to simplify her application for use and bulk variances required, the owner of the lot, representatives for Keavy Franzoni argued that the lot has been used as a de facto contractor yard since at least 1972. A home on the lot – the subject of one of the use variances, since commercial and residential property are not normally allowed to exist together on a single lot – has existed there for 100 years, Franzoni said.

Sean Kinneavy, the township’s zoning officer, said owners of the lot have “broken the law” over the years, dating back decades. The Wright family used to own one of the lots, Kinneavy said, and had been involved in legal issues over its use.


“We were about to take him to court when he passed away,” said Kinneavy. “Mr. Wright had a construction company, and we found no permits for any of those uses.”

Various zoning issues have surrounded the lot, which extends far behind Mantoloking Road, in the years since. Kinneavy said during an inspection in 2011, he found “no commercial use” at the property, undermining attorney John Jackson’s argument that the plot of land had been continuously used as a contractor yard for years.

Franzoni is looking to effectively legalize the use of her property to serve contractor, especially in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. But board members are concerned that immediate neighbors could be affected by noise and flooding that could be produced by a combination of higher grading and soil compaction.

“This is trucks going in, storing equipment, parking vehicles,” said board chairman Harvey Langer, speaking of Franzoni’s intended use of the lot versus a traditional business such as a pharmacy that fits into the zoning of the lot. “A drug store is a little less intense than trucks going in, gravel, dumpsters being moved. This is very intense compared to everything else that could go there.”

Specifically, Franzoni is seeking permanent permission to use the property as a contractor yard while also maintaining a residential home on the lot to house her company’s employees. Franzoni is also proposing sidewalk and curbing along the site frontage, a concrete driveway apron, two rain gardens, a motorized equipment storage area, fencing and shade trees.

The application faces just one objector – a resident who lives in a home adjacent to Franzoni’s property. She argued at the meeting Wednesday that the proposal moves commercial uses closer to her property line.

“There are already dumpsters being stored there that have contaminants from homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy that are now flowing into my yard,” said Nicole Pantekas. “The noise is constant. The trucks come in and they’re sorting garbage.”

Board members will continue to research the application before voting on the measure. A vote has been scheduled for the board’s Aug. 19 meeting.

  • Betty Ann Fuller

    Isn’t this vote scheduled for August 5th? Robert Osborn is on August 19th.

  • Concerned Brick Resident

    As a resident that lives on this road/ driving on that road every single day, Mantoloking Road can be a beautiful road if our town cared to clean it up, Allowing another contractor yard is the last thing we need. But this town will allow it just like it has be allowing the contractor yard across from Joe service center to operate in the conditions it has for years, is absolutely insane. That place needs the soil to be tested and that place shut down or cleaned up to actual Professional standards, there is abandoned heavy equipment and construction materials dumped all about with a 30yr old dilapidated fence & a building that most likely needs to be condemned. Additional to that there are a few other business’s on mantoloking rd that need to be addressed by the town immediately as well. I just have one message to the “Town Inspectors” stop writing a warning/fine to disabled veterans because their trash can is left off of the road & Instead fine these business that bring down our town. Brick Town has the potential to be the next Red Bank but instead has a path to become East Lakewood unless we fix this town.

  • Mary Contrelle

    Follow up with Story
    Several other concerned area residents and myself who actually reside on Mantoloking Road went to the Brick townships’ planning board meeting out of curiosity to see how this was going to play out after reading this article. Ms. K. Franzoni and husband was Denied with attorney J. Jackson on all counts by the Town on August 5th ,which was followed up with a public notification in the Asbury Park Press Sept 10, 2015.
    Why is she continuing to defy township officials by continuing to keep her contractors equipment / storage yard in a B2 Light Retail Area .We can see fences going up all around with no Permits in windows , more equipment being brought in ect. . Why isn’t the NJDEP involved ?
    Upon further investigating, cause now our interests are peeked even more ,she also owns the adjoining propriety of 132 Mantoloking Road and it explains the bright orange dumpster behind that property for several years , and to the left of that property is owned by US GOV National Wildlife Forsythe, which is interesting because they put up signage about 3 weeks ago. A neighbor and myself witnessed as we walked by that Atlantic Plants and Raccoon employees were removing these signs and placing them further over just this past weekend . We had to laugh cause we are pretty sure the government would be intrigued to know they are seizing there land and moving signs that belong to the US.

    I have been a resident of Brick my whole life and I must say, it reminds me of The Great Town Battle with George Wright all over again destroying our beautiful area and decreasing our property values.

    We feel for those poor residents who live behind 128 Mantoloking Road that their quality of life has been affected drastically by these inconsiderate people…One word SUE . Took over 20 years to restore from the damage George Wright did to that same property. .. Good Job K. Franzoni you should be ashamed seeing your a Master Gardner, .. Why not try and buy a property that’s zoned for what you want like in Bricks Industrial Park or Lakewood , less aggravation and it’s legal ..SHUT TIHS DOWN ONCE AND FOR ALL ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ..