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Riverwatch Restaurant’s Liquor License Reinstated


The liquor license for the Riverwatch restaurant in Brick has been released to its owner by the state after a tax debt was settled, state officials said. 

The restaurant lost the license May 28 after the state Department of the Treasury seized it due to a judgment of $41,654.33 in taxes to the state, said Christopher J. Santarelli, treasury department spokesman. 

By Monday, however, the license was restored. 


“This judgment has since been paid, and the license has been released,” Santarelli said. 

Riverwatch is owned by American Restaurant Management LLC. A call to the company Monday was not answered and a voicemail box was full and could not accept messages. 

There was no word on when or if the restaurant would be reopening. 

  • ThereRnoFiscalConservatives

    I’ll never eat there again.
    If you cannot be responsible with your business practices, what corners are you cutting with your food?
    I don’t want to imagine.

    • JW

      Blame the accountant, not the restaurant. I worked for a company many years ago that had a similar problem when our accountant screwed up and then the taxman said ‘pay me’. Nothing happened to the accountant either- they’re immune to everything. They hired a proper controller after that.

      • Frank Rizzo

        You have head squarely up rectum…The tax man always contacts the business owner direct…the business owner knows he did not pay zero because he has to sign the check. When business’ pay zero they are struggling to make it and do not have the money to lay out. AND at any audit guess who HAS to go along…you got it the accountant who signed off on the fraudulent books he cooked. Look up Enron in between your I hate America rants on here.

      • JW

        More endless personal invectives from the clown with nothing else to offer. I was a low level associate there, but the problem was that the tax bill (specifically payroll) was *underpaid*, not 0. The accountant may have had some dealings after, but he didn’t pay the fines himself. Only an ignorant and cowardly troll like you can get away with as much trash talk.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Your story always changes when you are called out on it. You are no where near as smart as you think but that is what makes you a liberal after all.

      • JW

        How did it change? Seriously, go fuck yourself Troll King.

      • Elkor

        Dont lump that opinion in with the rest of us, I agree with you. “Gee.. i havent paid any taxes in 3 years.. must just be lucky” my ass. Plus, who doesn’t reguarly meet wi5h the accountant with businesses like this?

      • ThereRnoFiscalConservatives

        Since when is mail from the IRS sent directly to an accountant?

        You’re wrong.