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Sangiovanni: My Firing Was ‘Retaliation’ For Speaking With Prosecutor

Joseph Sangiovanni and Sharon Cantillo
Joseph Sangiovanni and Sharon Cantillo

Joseph Sangiovanni, whose contract as transportation manager for the Brick school district will not be renewed, said he is being let go by the Board of Education as retaliation for cooperating with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office over “illegal activities in the work place.”

Specifically, Sangiovanni told Shorebeat, he spoke with the prosecutor over the matter of former superintendent Walter Uszenski’s arrest and what he alleges as “improper dealings with vendors” by Board of Education President Sharon Cantillo.

“Sharon knows I’ve been talking to the prosecutor, and she knows I’ve been talking about her,” said Sangiovanni, who would not expound on the nature of the alleged “improper dealings.”


Cantillo said Friday morning that she “has no idea what [Sangiovanni] is talking about,” and has no interaction with district vendors.

“I didn’t even know that he went to the prosecutor’s office,” Cantillo said, and thus was not out to exact revenge. “I don’t even talk to vendors, I’m not on the committee where you have dealings with vendors, and I never had any dealings whatsoever with Joe Sangiovanni.”

Al Della Fave, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, said the office had no comment when asked about the matter.

Cantillo said the board’s facilities committee, on which she does not serve, handles contracts and district vendors.

“I think Mr. Sangiovanni is very, very disgruntled about losing his job, and I think the department, and all the problems it has, speaks for itself,” Cantillo said, referring to bus drivers who have publicly described a chaotic and poorly-managed transportation department at recent board meetings.

Sangiovanni also said that potential ethics charges against board member Michael Conti may be filed out of revenge as well. George Scott, the resident who is filing the ethics charge over mortgage deals struck by Conti for at least 16 district employees, is angry that John Talty was not reappointed his seat because Talty helped get his nephew a job as a mechanic’s helper in the transportation department, Sangiovanni alleges. Sangiovanni said he was also pushed to promote Scott’s nephew when a new position opened up.

“I was forced to choose Mr. Scott’s nephew [for the job], so now he has become a servant to the board president. And, as you know, the board president wants John Talty back and Mike Conti is one of the board members that [doesn’t] want him back,” Sangiovanni explained in an e-mail to Shorebeat prior to a phone interview Friday morning.

Conti, a Republican, is running on a ticket that includes fellow board member Frank Pannucci, Jr. for township council. Sangiovanni is a former Republican council member and mayoral candidate in Brick.

Sangiovanni said he has been on sick leave due to job-related stress for several months. The stress level, he said, dates back to November, when he alleges Talty told him his contract would not be renewed unless he “worked harder.”

“I was already working 10 to 12 hours a day,” said Sangiovanni. “I said, ‘I can’t work any harder than that.'”

Sangiovanni said he is planning on filing ethics complaints with the state School Ethics Commission against Cantillo and Talty – against Cantillo for the alleged improprieties with vendors and against Talty for interfering in district business by speaking to him directly about his contract.

“He can file whatever he wants,” said Cantillo. “I hope that he has information to back up the claims that he’s making against me, because I have nothing to do with vendors. I think everyone is throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks.”

  • Mark Story Jenks

    It’s getting ugly.

  • SoWhat?

    This fat piece of schitt Sangiovanni has been on sick leave for the last several months because his boss told him to work harder? Fozman accused Sangiovannis daughter of over billing the town for legal services. Whats up with that? Swept under the rug? This guy Sangiovanni was a failure in private business, failure in public office and now a failure in public employment. How do you spell loser? J O E S A N G I O V A N N I

  • SoWhat?

    Thank God this azz clown didn’t get elected Mayor.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    The Acropolis crew at it again! Nothing but drama as usual! We have to take politics and wannabe politicians out of the school board equation. Guess it’s once again time to get rid of all the incumbents and start fresh!

  • SoWhat?

    What happened to Scott McFaddden indictment? When is that POS going to prison? Is this what SanGiovanni was talking to prosecutor about? Or SanGiovannis daughter legal billing?

  • SoWhat?

    Joey ” the bull ” San Giovanni has been talking to the prosecutor. Bada bing bada boom

  • SoWhat?

    I read that NASA is looking for new scientists. Maybe Joey ” bag of doughnuts ” San Giovanni can use his connections and get hired at NASA. Rockets, buses, trucks, same thing. He can fail at anything.

  • SoWhat?

    Joey ” the Rat ” San Giovanni… ‘I don’t know nuttin”
    Prosecutor….”What do you know about trucking business? School bus business? Town council? Mayor? running anything at all? a lemonade stand? walking and chewing gum at the same time? 1 + 1 = ? . Come on Joey, you have to know something? ”
    Joey ” the rat ” San Giovanni…” .I told yuz ,I don’t know nuttin about nuttin.”.
    Prosecutors….” We believe you Joey, we believe you.”

  • jane

    What does Mr. San Giovanni know about Dr. U’s grandchild receiving unnecessary special ed busing? Did he speak to the prosecutor about that too? I’m sure Mrs. Cantillo wouldn’t like that. There is much more to unfold with this story.

  • Stu Pidity

    “I was forced to choose Mr. Scott’s nephew..” Admitting that he acted unethically? Grow a set and do what’s right for the kids. Isn’t Sangiovanni about due to file for yet another one of his regularly scheduled bankruptcies?

  • Geoff Dubrowsky

    One would think it is time for a clean slate before our schools and property values hit bottom!

    • BillyBrick

      Sounds like you are running Geoff.

      • Geoff Dubrowsky

        Seems like the right thing to do. Perhap encourage others to run on their own. Wining or loosing at least it will show I care. I start getting signatures next week. I just hope we get lots of fresh faces and perhaps parents of the younger ones since it is their future!

      • BillyBrick

        So yet another Republican attempting to sport a new face who is just part of the same Sangiovanni Team.

      • Geoff Dubrowsky

        Thanks for the vote of confidence but as a parent of a disabled child, and guardian of two others, I doubt I can call myself a Republican. Yes I have friends that are but I am not an invite to the club! If i was to label myself it would be an independent who leans toward those in need and toward issue’s of health and safety. With that out of the way it is folks like you that will keep my desire to help this town in an elected manner forever on hold. I do encourage others especially I hope one of the thousands of parents who choose private schools to run for the BOE so perhaps we can learn why they pay taxes and do not use what they pay for.

  • KMC

    Say what you want about Sangiovanni. But I believe that much of this is true. I have noticed going to board meetings that the board members have too much control on the day to day of the administration. Let’s not forget too that Sharon Kight/Cantillo and John Talty ran for Board of Ed. because they were unhappy that one of Warren Wolf’s coaches was not hired to be the head coach way back when. It was all about Football. Throughout the years, it has still been about football. Particularly this year since once again Brick High School has a new football coach. He is the one I believe Sharon wanted from the beginning. So I think there is a lot more to this. I hope it all comes out. People should read the agendas and see who is getting transferred to where and watch the teachers that are being hired. I find it all very interesting. And if John Talty did what Sangiovanni is saying he did, then shame on him. I don’t care what all his friends say. He doesn’t deserve to be back on the board. It is time to walk away. It’s time for this board to be removed. I wish someone would come in and say you are all done.

  • Mindy Murray Moich

    Man has been called the ghost by his own workers since he was gifted the position.

  • JW

    If you don’t go to work, you shouldn’t get paid, or at least not another contract. The only reason Sangiovanni got the job anyway was because of Acropolis patronage, so him accusing someone of weasling somebody in as a mere ‘mechanics helper’ is rich, and absurder yet to label him ‘Cantillo’s man on the inside.’

    This is him covering his ass for a lawsuit and hoping for a big payout. The American Dream these days is to sue somebody for big bucks and never work again. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Stress leave….good bye to you sir. I hope this end the Greek raiding party once and for all.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Greece falls this weekend. Acropolis falls in Bricktucky. Running out of other people’s money. Coming to a town near you.


  • Michael

    This is what happens when ex council people (with absolutely no experience) are given important jobs that they have no experience at all in doing. This would never happen in the real world of business where you’re responsible for the companies bottom line. This is just one example where you have an administration just handing out high paying jobs to friends and ex co-workers who have lost their previous position of not being re-elected by the people. The reward always seems to be that they then receive a more important and much higher paying job without having the credentials to justifying the position. He states he worked long and hard hours and could not work any harder. No one doubts he wasn’t busy, but was he busy doing the work the positioned required? The bottom line is that this is what you can expect when patronage jobs are handed out by friends on the Township Council without justification and it will happen again.

    • DennyD

      Michael, I concur with your first sentence. Your second sentence starts out totally erroneous. That crap DOES happen in the real world of business all the time. That is why companies that were once on solid ground suddenly collapse. Whether it be nepotism, incompetence or just plain greed it does happen. The problem with public sector situations is the lack of reimbursement when one is ‘caught’ ala F Us Uszenski . Will he have to pay back the money he is currently receiving? How about the $40K related to the grandson theft of services? WE(Brick Township) put Scarpelli in prison for a theft of $5K-$25K(?). F Us should see some time for his $40K along with a few other individuals who HAD TO KNOW this caper was going on. Monies were exchanged. Transportation was provided, who(what human being) DROVE THE BUS to the (?) for the grand child. Isn’t that an easy enough question? Even the incompetent ‘Head of Transportation’- a title created due to a lack of certification-should be able to check his records and come up with the driver. Actually every driver in the district probably KNOWS who drove that bus daily. At this point I’m done.

  • KMC

    Patronage jobs are given out by Board of Ed. members also. No one realizes it because they don’t go to Board meetings or look at the agenda. But it happens. There are quite a few people working in the district because they know board members. And let’s not forget all the jobs that Dr. U. gave out.

  • DennyD

    Can we all start addressing the former Superintendent by a more appropriate title? We should drop the ‘Dr.’ and replace it with F.U. Maybe more accurate would be F.Us, Also, at this point, Cantillo’s reason for getting involved has reached its ‘climax’ in more ways than one. Mission accomplished ‘Mad’am. You have the name on the school and the football coach you wanted all along. Personally, I think the choice is a good one. Time for you to sail off into the sunset. Get your nice comfy Dragon Stadium Cushion and plop down on the fifty yard line. What’s the name of that other high school in Brick?? Remember?? Care??

    • BillyBrick

      Pillows in your in school suspension room a requirement to attend Denny?