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Seaside Park Special Police Officer Charged in Sex Act With Teen, 15

Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr
Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr)

Authorities in Monmouth County have charged a man who was working as a special police officer in Seaside Park with engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl inside his Parkview drive residence in Hazlet.

Daniel J. Alfano, 25, a Class II Special Police Officer in Seaside Park, is charged with second degree sexual assault, and two separate counts of third degree endangering the welfare of a child. He was released after posting $100,000 bail, as set by Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Joseph W. Oxley.

Alfano was arrested Wednesday following an investigation by the Hazlet Police Department that revealed he engaged in the sexual activity with the girl on May 2, 2015, said Charles Webster, spokesman for the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.


Alfano, if convicted, faces 10 years in prison on the sexual assault charge and another five years on the child endangerment charge. He also faces having to register as a sex offender under Meghan’s Law.

A photo of Alfano was not available.

  • Beach N8iv

    What is going on with the two Seaside PDs and child sex?

    • JW

      When you have 550 independent police departments operating like little feudal baronies, the bad eggs are a lot easier to stick around on account of ‘politics’ or just leave for another one and start their wickedness anew. Abolish all local PDs- let our elected sheriffs in this state do their sheriff-ly duties independent of money grubbing councils looking for shakedown money.

      • Frank Rizzo

        You get more foolish each posting. What makes you think a Sheriff,an elected official, will not run a politically corrupted sheriff office. Sheriff offices are the worse with politics and corruption than any municipal police. Do you think the county is more straight than your township or small borough…do you think larger government is easier to handle and manage than smaller ones. Do you think people’s integrity will be higher because they work for the county and not the town…Just how out of reality are you.

      • JW

        More angry bullshit and personal attacks with no substance from the master. Ever notice how all these ‘personnel issues’ with police come from the teeny tiny boros/baronies? The sheriffs departments in this state are held to higher standards- plain and simple. LEAs independent of these little criminal enterprises are also not subject to their whims and ticket blitzes. The sheriff is also generally a lot more available too- he needs to be to get re-elected. We elect mayors, councilmen and glorified bureaucrats like the county clerk and surrogate- but we can’t vote for the guy in charge of patrolling the streets? Really Frank, there’s something wrong with this?

      • Frank Rizzo

        You are completely insane. Sheriff officers do nothing…they do less than special police officers and they are not held to any higher standard than any other police official. I guess you have not heard of the high standard the Middlesex County Sheriff dept has between the old sheriff being in prison and the current one’s problems. The sheriff in most counties like Union Côunty was never even a cop and cannot carry a gun, he is a member of the political machine who was put up for election to that post. Joseph Oxley the former sheriff of Monmouth was never a cop and now he is a politically appointed superior court judge. The current Sheriff of Monmouth Côunty….is he armed.,,what is his law enforcement background I ask the all knowing.

      • Frank Rizzo
      • Frank Rizzo

        And I give you even more of the high standard you tell of sir.


      • JW

        WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING PEDOPHILE COPS?!?!?!?!? Frank, YOU need to explain why the Seaside Park PD is so great when it
        has people like this? He
        wouldn’t have passed the sheriff background check, they use fancy new
        polygraphs now for potential applicants.

        Gasp- an elected sheriff engaged in partisan politics! And some deputies double dip just like so many other state employees! The world is ending! None of this changes the fact that the sheriffs departments in this state receive more training than municipal counterparts. The only reason you think deputies don’t do anything is because every town has put its own on the street. I don’t know why we maintain 2 separate police forces for the same local jurisdiction- it’s overkill and just serves to inflate taxes for redundant services that I get to pay. Ever heard of an economy of scale, or am I the only true fiscal conservative left?

      • Frank Rizzo

        The training is exactly the same for sheriff and police. Sheriffs do not do patrol work period…where there are no police such as in Millstone…the State Police respond and not the sheriffs. I have no idea where your fixation with sheriffs begins.

        So now you claim all police are pedophiles and all seaside park cops are sex offenders. But if we call them sheriff officers then there is no way one deputy now and then will be outed as a criminal sex offender. You are delusional…but that is what makes you a liberal.

      • JW

        Once again you show just how keen you are to talk out of your ass without a clue. There really is no subject you you won’t display your ignorance given the opportunity. The Ocean County sheriff patrols most of the smaller boros and townships at night, like Beachwood, Pine Beach, Mantaloking, Eagleswood, Harvey Cedars, etc. Furthermore, the sheriffs dept maintains a great crime lab, marine patrol tactical response teams and a variety of other specialized units that municipal departments don’t. So, yes, the sheriff’s dept is better trained and equipped to do even basic patrol work. You damn moron.


      • SoWhat?

        And here is some more. Union county Sheriff and top state democrat. Joe Cryan.


  • You two are both silly. The problem is with corrupt ass cops regardless whether they’re police, sheriff deputies, all the 3 letter federal agencies and their corrupt ass bosses that protect them. Take a look around, there are problems with law enforcement today everywhere. No need to nit pick.