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Brick Township High School Getting $5.7M In Upgrades This Summer

Brick Township High School (File Photo)
Brick Township High School (File Photo)

Electrical lines and boilers in Brick Township High School have never been upgraded since the school was built in 1956 – until now.

The school is undergoing a $5.7 million construction project this summer, the latest portion of an overall $11 million improvement plan for the school.

“It’s really a major, major project,” said Board of Education President Sharon Cantillo, so major that it required electricity and other utilities to be cut for most of the summer season, she explained.


The project includes the installation of two new boilers, new ventilators in every classroom that will provide both heat and – for the first time in the school’s history – air conditioning, as well as a complete electrical upgrade and a new control system that will help the district save on the cost of energy.

“There’s a west and an east boiler, and the age of them averaged 48 years,” said Walter Campbell, a former Board of Education member who – until recent political wrangling – had been serving as a volunteer member of the district’s Facilities Committee. Campbell and fellow volunteer John Hyfantis put in significant hours going over energy conservation measures and budgeting documents to avoid a more costly referendum and capital outlay to pay for the work.

The electrical upgrades include all new wiring for both safety and utility purposes and the replacement of 5 kilovolt electrical lines with 12 kilovolt lines.

“With what they’re doing with technology, the old electrical wiring would never have supported the infrastructure,” Cantillo said.

The new cast-aluminum condensing boilers will be “state of the art,” said Campbell. “They take up a lot less space, and if something goes wrong with one of them, you take it offline and roll another one in. They fit through the doorway.”

The school east gymnasium will have two malfunctioning wall-mounted heating units replaced, the library will receive a new air handler and Cafeteria Three will be fitted with a new roof-mounted unit to provide air conditioning.

The entire system will be electronically controlled, with each classroom having its own thermostat with the option to have the climate centrally controlled from administrative offices.

“We have some old digital pneumatic controls, but half of them don’t work,” Campbell said.

In addition to the Brick Township High School project, Brick Memorial High School will receive a new chiller and its gymnasium will receive a dehumidification system. Most of the other schools in the district will have their windows replaced for both security and energy saving purposes.

“This project has been a long time coming,” Cantillo said.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Does anyone think the private sector or privately owned buildings pay this amount for such little work.

    • JW

      I guess you’re a real estate and construction expert now, right frank? A regular Donald Trump. Depends on what the cost is per square foot doofus. Given the size of these places, putting it up against a factory floor or retail space equal to that of the gymnasium isn’t really doable.

      • Frank Rizzo

        So I guess you are truly a communist who says “how dare anyone question the state”. Do you object to citizens questioning the government so much that you would accept this bill at a face value knowing the level of corruption in the state of NJ

      • jo jo ormaz

        “Corruption” – never heard of it !! 😉

      • JW

        No, I don’t say that- trolls say that to attack people when they’re exposed as fuckwit morons- ie you.

        If you had anything worthwhile to say, you’d do a cost comparison per square foot between Revel and a proposed new school. Of course, you’re too fucking stupid to do that.

    • Well, the Revel didn’t come cheap – at least the first time around. 😉

  • Bill

    I think with the restrictions put on the contractor that’s a very fair price.

    • jo jo ormaz

      I agree- they need to have tighter budgets to work with!

  • Chief Wahoo


    • jo jo ormaz

      YOU ARE SOOOOOO CORECT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to the TAX PAyor!

  • walter.f.campbell

    Frank,you seem to have a comment for everything…..little work???First you must remove old units,and abatements! (5)new cond.boilers(2)AHU’S in e.gym(79)unit ventilators,new blg.controls,new electrical service,piping,pumps….followed by 24-ton rtu on café.3

    • john talty

      Great Job Walter and John. Why The three Gentlemen who sit on
      the BOE refused to let you and John Volunteer your Time for this district, in
      addition to Mr. Larry Reid, reeks with bad politics.

      • Frank Rizzo

        So…how would someone who owned a large building or factory do something like this. Do you think everyone pays these prices. By this standard a heater in my house should be 100K

  • jo jo ormaz

    Comon’ you guys cant be serious..! what was 5- 6 years ago,, there were plans to Build a Brand New School – for $5 Mill… and who turned it down..!! ??

    From the “Acting President + Superintendent hmmmm who else was on the BOE at that time.? It was to be a State of Art – ” and supposed to be for the “CHILREN” – but no – it wasn’t cost effective? here we are in 2015 and we could have had 2 New schools built for that price – without the friends and family connected to it.”

    Meanwhile all those little jobs that were under $5K go un accounted for past 5 years of patch repairs – naaaaaa no need to look at the “skimming” of the Tax payers dollars.. everyone wants “Teachers” – “Professional – People” to take to the BOE because it’s all about – “Volunteering and for the Children” – when at the end of the day – someone is lining pockets, working back end deals, and the TAX PAYOR get’s stuck with the BILL!

    – “Where’s George Scott and Vic Finelli to dig it up ”

    Enough is Enough !!!! – VOTE Them all OUT !! find me people who understand business and responsibilities – enough – enough and enough with this – “It’s for the children- crap!”

    – You have to be a working Adult who’s responsible enough to raise a family – By Raising our Taxes!!! – those working class family’s will leave and those who are LIVING on the system and home schooled will roll in with their own bus service and MOVE into Brick..

    Gee isn’t that the foot print of what they are doing..? trying to privatize to another towns bus drivers and staff- ? Vote these people OUT!! – tired of reading and finding out – who’s connected to Education – 20 years teaching – this one’s a teacher – that ones a teacher- married for a teacher – from here – children raised here – Meanwhile these people are living off a “Pension – Alimony – Retirement plans or Hubbys income” are making the decisions for the town – by being on the BOE? – they are not struggling!

    They- are not working with an average income, struggling, or as Seniors on a Fixed Income – Who are living pay check to pay check – the “Real Tax payer” – the Renters/ Tenants with families living in Brick paying $1800 a month in a “Safe Rental ” – the other 60% that makes up Brick from the Wealthy class . ..

    Go Ahead BOE and Council – Keep raising taxes like the one that follows in November – we keep hearing about ?- and people will leave!
    This path is going to Bankrupt our town – by Raising out taxes – cutting out the workers – bus drivers – cutting staff — People will leave – homes will go vacant – It has to STOP – Vote them all out !

    – there’s got to be someone out there running – Who is for the people and the tax payer – someone,,,,, ” Who’s – NOT Connected to anyone! “

    • Jo – Not sure where you got that figure, but it is incorrect. A brand new high school would cost no less than $100 million and require voter referendum approval.

      • jo jo ormaz

        There was something posted a while ago – I thought you wrote the article way back when? The cost of a new building vs refurbish. We have to also keep in mind of inflated cost with Union labors added. The BOE had the plans before them- it never got a vote – they all said no.? There was something else attached to it. Todays money 2015 may be $100M,, but what happens in 2060 they will be forced to build a new building at what $200M? Is there a way to look it up? think the public would like to see the comparisons of the prices then to what the Tax payor is spending over the next 10 years?

      • The $172 million referendum was up for a vote in ’09 and failed. I won’t editorialize on prevailing wage laws except to say that taxpayers should familiarize themselves with this bit of public policy and the state press corps should look into the issue. Same with the state’s school funding formula which dedicates 65 percent of the state’s education funding to the former Abbott districts, driving up the cost of education in the remaining approx 560 districts.

      • walter.f.campbell

        JoJo,you cannot worry ten years down the road…..its NOW! With the town planning board approving all these multi-complexes…no age restriction..we got big problems!!!

      • walter.f.campbell

        Dan,3-4years ago Phillipsburg H.S.comparable to Brick H.S.it cost…174,000,000!!

    • walter.f.campbell

      JoJo,please research your “facts” give me your real name,and I would be glad to point you in the right direction….take care!

      • jo jo ormaz

        I’m a Tax payer on a fixed income -like the rest of Working class of people here in Brick . We have to worry day to day about our money and property taxes, Electric bill, Water Bill, gas Bills – that keep going up ..
        Where as; your a retired Teacher on a “PENSION” – [ what $60 – 100K a year? – in your 70’s ] with a guaranteed income and benefits?? – of course you won’t have to care about the next 10 years – ? ?? perhaps you’ll be living the life in Palm Coast! – lol
        Hello ? I think those parents out there would love that one – especially those who are struggling? divorced with children and with out any Alimony surplus income.!
        Meanwhile it’s thoughts like that who put others at Risk to the Tax Payer, to the people who, Do NOT have a guarantee income and lifetime benefits… ?? Those who are STRUGGLING !
        FYI,,The average person in Brick brings home less than $2,500 a month ”each” – Your obviously do a lot better than others!

        And hold on there fella, it’s nothing against you personally [ you just walked into it ],,,, – it’s stating a simple: “fact” – that the majority of those who are doing well [ ”Retired folks on a PENSION and Life time benefits” ] , don’t think of those who are struggling.
        They don’t think of the next 5 years – 10 years or 20 years into the future, chances are- they won’t be around long enough to know about the impact”

        For those who are doing well – can not comprehend what it’s like out there for others. ” Point in the direction” – yeah it’s called an OPRa report – and all the public meetings you want to visit, Yet, the public still doesn’t get answers unless you are family and friends of the spoon fed “Inside-group”.
        This is what the – “People are tired of”.
        every time someone who’s not a teacher or part of the friends and family group – who try’s to run for the BOE – they get knocked down ? and why is that? It’s always those on the inside who often get elected, who are doing well.

        your right, facts,, perhaps the public will begin to think and perhaps the public will make a few calls to the State and have them investigate all of those “$$Thousands of dollars that go unaccounted for?” – who’s family is connected to the parking lot contracts, the electrical, the windows, the doors, the repairs, school contracts?.

        during a meeting – someone, wanted to have every dollar counted for while repairs were being made? and someone said, “no need to” – it’s a little expense ? under $5,000.00 really ??? – and could someone factually count how many of those “little under $5,000.00 expenses” were there since 2012, as out TAXES keep going up?
        The Public will dig deep, people are tired of smoke and mirrors!!!

        Can someone actually account for every cash or check deal done since 2012 that was between a $1.00 – $5,000?
        think the Tax Payer wants to know.? Think the Mayor would love to know also? The township has to write a check every month and they have no say?

        Are you Running this year? if so; good, that’s good, because if you win, we are all coming to asking you about the money in public, recorded on TV, The public want’s to know; love to hear your answer?
        BTW – there are 136 people in our Senior Development with family in town. with also family and friends, we hear enough, expect a very long night if it happens. we’ll send up Nam to you first!
        This election, NO More Teachers living well off the system to be elected!
        No more Family and Friends attached to the system! no more! running a budget for the Tax Payer..
        children don’t pay Taxes or Rent – Adults do!
        We think the Mayor needs to some how get involved with this run away spending.”
        Walt, I would love to agree and disagree with you all day and still buy you coffee with breakfast any day. “your a good guy”, Respectfully you’ve done your part.
        But; it’s time that the public gets the choice to vote into a new direction, a new change.
        we are old, tired, just tired of struggling, it’s that philosophy why, we want someone new who’s not apart of this Brick family and friends- machine!
        no family, no friends, no direct interest other than doing what’s right for the people. with out the people, you have no family’s, with out family’s- you have no children and then; you’ll have no school. ?
        Unless someone wants to sell the school to Tryco Industries, they would love it! it would make a really good investment on their part. Then again someone from M+M would buy it up and want to build more condos in Brick as well”
        Hey before you know it, the Condos/ Apartment rentals will over populate houses? or do they already?
        Glad you asked”

      • JW

        I understand you’re old and on a fixed income, but children have a right to an education. That’s a right you once took advantage of as well. Whatever run-away spending at the BoE isn’t enough to make a dent in your tax bill. Plus, the average teacher isn’t living that high on the hog on a pension. Maybe if they have an IRA outside of that. If you want to starve the public school system of money because you’re such a cheap skate, we’ll end up with something resembling a white Lakewood, minus the Hasidim. I’ll vote against that.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Ha…yea..the pension is the problem…not the Special Ed mandates…or any of the other ones we are burdened with such as having special programs for illegal aliens who cannot speak English….why are we accepting children of illegal aliens any way and then spending more money on them then our own kids….why…because of you liberals and all the do good..let the state pay for it train of thought….the pension is nothing compared to those.

      • JW

        The schools are so overburdened with illegals and special ed blah blah blah. Puh-lease. You haven’t stepped into a school since you dropped out in the 7th grade back in the 50s

      • Frank Rizzo

        I recognize that people like you, people of color…have benefited greatly from these entitlements however the fact is they are no longer sustainable. No different than any pension system. It is time your people stood up on their own without these entitlements.

      • JW

        There are no entitlements and I’m white you racist shitbird.

      • Frank Rizzo

        I’m the “racists” and you are so offended at being called “black”…..am I missing something.

      • JW

        I’m not going to let you trash black people to try and attack me you little worm. Go back to burning crosses.

      • walter.f.campbell

        JoJo,your frustration is well warranted.I am in the phone book….we can meet for breakfast(on me).I will need at least an hour to fill you in on all “B.S.”Please bring a pad!

  • Frank Rizzo

    No similar building built by a investor would cost 175 million dollars. If that was the case then we have no buildings anywhere. If we cannot afford the public workers and their pensions then why are we still paying Union Scale in these projects. Why are we paying so much for their labor costs when we can do it for cheaper and save the tax payer money. Why should the tax payer fund the unions pension and annuity system and drive up the costs. Why are these building built out of state for way way less.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Why do we still pay Union Scale on these jobs. Why are the tax payers paying too much for labor on these jobs. Why are the same buildings built for way less in other states.

    • jo jo ormaz

      That my friend I would love to know, but wait. Someone from 10yrs ago said – who cares about 10 years from now.? This is why we want someone who’s not apart of any School system, married, divorced, pension, or relative running,. It’s all smoke and Mirrors for the family and Friends double dipping program. Time for change,, do we have the names yet who’s running?

  • BB

    Taxpayer’s…….Don’t allocate any monies to the lower schools, due to the fact that in the near future we will not be needing so many!! Lower birthrate,smaller families, should shrink school budgets and ultimately lower school/property taxes!