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Deadline Thursday for Candidates to File for Brick BOE Vacancy

Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Candidates wishing to fill the seat of former Board of Education member John Talty have until Thursday afternoon to apply.

Talty resigned his seat on the Brick school board in April after his recovery from open heart surgery was not proceeding as quickly as he initially planned. But weeks later, Talty’s recovery improved significantly, leading him to ask that his resignation be rescinded. A deadlocked Board of Education tied 3-3 to reinstate Talty, leading to a board vacancy to be formally declared.

Talty then went through the rare process of applying and interviewing to be appointed back to his own seat, but the board deadlocked again on his reinstatement. Board President Sharon Cantillo and members Karyn Cusanelli and Susan Suter favored returning Talty to the board, while members Frank Pannucci, Jr., Michael Conti and John Barton favored Brenda Calderone for the seat. Calderone ran unsuccessfully for a boat seat in 2012 on a ticket that included Pannucci and Conti.


At one meeting, board members took seven votes to fill the seat during a marathon meeting, all of which deadlocked 3-3.

With the board unable to choose a candidate to fill the seat, the decision on Talty’s replacement – which could ultimately be Talty himself – will be the decision of interim Ocean County Executive Superintendent of Schools Todd C. Flora, who will conduct his own interviews.

Brick residents who wish to be considered for the seat have until 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon to apply. Those applying should submit a letter of interest and a resume to James Edwards, the district’s business administrator, 101 Hendrickson Avenue, Brick, NJ. Applicants must be a resident of Brick for at least one year, a registered voter in Brick, and a U.S. citizen who is able to read and write.

Whoever is appointed by Flora will serve until Dec. 31. The one remaining year of Talty’s term will be up for a public vote during November’s general election. Including that seat, four board seats – a majority of the seven-member body – will be up for grabs.

  • the truth

    We don’t need another board member with a conflict and Mr. Talty has a conflict. Let’s move on and get someone new with children in the district..

    • joseph jr

      Being at many BOE meetings I am very satisfied with Mr.
      Talty’s performance, until he felt he had to resign. It didn’t hinder his
      ability to chair the HR committee or be involved in the facilities committee and
      the Transportation committee and well as being on the TWU Negotiations. In my
      opinion there is no comparison between Mr. Talty and the other three BOE member
      who are conflicted, Namely Mr. Barton who Blames everyone on the Board and
      accepts no responsibility for the lack of progress on this BOE since Dr. U and
      Mr. Talty left the BOE. The same can be said for Mr. Pannucci and Mr. Conti who
      now want to run for the township council. In other words,” Fool me once, shame
      on you, Fool me twice, shame on Me.”

      • the truth

        Mr. Talty has lost it. He really screwed up the TWU Negotiations and forced the BOE to hire a labor attorney to clean up his mess. He only held a few Transportation committee meetings and nothing got done there either. On the facilities committee he voted for one of Dr. U’s flunkies to run the Buildings and Grounds Department. This guy’s only experience was that he was a janitor in the Spotswood School District.
        It’s time to move on……

      • BillyBrick

        Says who, “Mr. donate to my campaign and I’ll get you work at the BOE Pannucci” I agree it’s time to move on Pannucci and Conti and let the new Sangiovanni team take over the BOE. I will leave you with this news. A whole new slate of Rs are coming to the BOE. Stay tuned until Monday at 4:00.

    • BillyBrick

      Maybe you should have thought about conflicts before voting in Conti and Pannucci and then making the worst decision in BOE historyby voting in Barton. If conflicts were such an issue, why these clowns? Mr. Talty raised six boys educated in Brick, all successful citizens. His eldest son is a Sargent on our very own Brick Police Department. A man who has paid taxes on a home for over 50 years in this town sounds to me like he is vested and a solid community member. The Talty family is part of the fabric of this town. I’ll push the button for him every time.

      • the truth

        I didn’t vote for them but I would have … Anyone is better then Mr. Reid he was a complete failure as a board member. Ask the TWU members their opinion of Mr. Reid.

      • BillyBrick

        You mean the bus drivers, not the TWU members. I am quite sure if you ask the cafeteria staff, secretaries, custodians or grounds people he attempted to help, they would have a different opinion. No one ever hears from the other members of the TWU because the bus drivers dominate the TWU, that’s a fact. Mr. Reid dare to help the struggling others, shame on him. He uncovered the gaming of the system done by the small percentage of troublesome bus drivers. You don’t see the good bus drivers coming in support of the few. Wake up. Mr. Reid was fixing the problem. By the way, tell Grammy she needs some personal hygiene.

    • Anthony

      One would think home ownership and the responsibility of paying taxes should enter into the equation along with your arbitrary requirement of having children in the district. Mr. Pannucci has neither. He is also conflicted whether it be on the Board of Education or Town Council. Don’t you know Brick is the employment agency for the Pannucci Family????

      • the truth

        My only point is we don’t need another Board Member who can’t vote. The BOE needs to conduct business and with this amount of non voting members that’s impossible.

      • BillyBrick

        So now vote for Figula whose wife is a Brick BOE employee, or now we might have the almighty Tommy G on the BOE. He’s just an interim superintendent collecting how many pensions? I guess the hook ups in Ocean County never stop. Talty is looking pretty good right now.

      • the truth

        No I didn’t know that Brick is the employment agency for Mr. Pannucci’s Family but if that is true I guess you can say that about Mr. Talty’s family as well.

      • BillyBrick

        Mr. Talty has one member of his family, a brother. Count all the Pannucci members, and remember, they all have different last names.

  • KMC

    Personally I don’t think Panucci, Conti and Barton are the only problems on the Board. We need a new Board President. She had an agenda this year and she is pushing it through. All about Brick Football. That’s all I have to say. Look at the teachers who have been transferred to Brick H.S. Teachers that have been hired in the last month. All of a sudden they are showing up on the High School coaches list. This is her agenda. She got her coach in and it will continue from there.

    • BillyBrick

      I hear they might need a new bookkeeper at the Best Program, know anyone KMC?