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Former Jackson, Toms River Superintendent Wants to be On Brick’s School Board

Thomas Gialanella (Photo: Toms River Regional Schools)
Thomas Gialanella (Photo: Toms River Regional Schools)

Add more names to the long list of those who want to be on Brick Township’s Board of Education, including a well-known Shore area school administrator.

Shorebeat has obtained the names of those who submitted applications to Ocean County Executive Superintendent of Schools Todd C. Flora to fill a vacancy on the board through December. Among those who applied are Thomas Gialanella, the former superintendent of the Jackson school district who also served as interim superintendent of the Toms River Regional school district.

Gialanella is a long-time Brick resident who is a member of the Brick Township High School Hall of Fame.


The board seat is being filled by Flora since the six remaining board members in Brick deadlocked on either appointing Talty back to his seat, as he requested, or appointing another candidate who applied. The board, at one point, took seven votes on the matter in one night, all of which resulted in 3-3 ties.

Besides Gialanella, the candidates who applied to temporarily fill the seat include:

  • John Baum, Jr.
  • Walter F. Campbell
  • Christopher Falkiewicz
  • Leonard Figula
  • Vito Gagliardi
  • Barry Kinsberg
  • Michael Merlucci
  • Larry Reid
  • John Talty
  • Lois Turner
  • Matthew Venezia
  • George White

The candidate selected by Flora will not serve long. The seat is on the November election ballot, thus the selected party will only serve until the end of the calendar year.

  • SoWhat?
    • Chief Wahoo

      Of course. Daughter. She like to play Touch the hiney ….he should get the job

      • corner post

        More scandal in Brick….just what we need.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Here is a link to Alan’s web pages who is also running for election

    She also goes by the name of Alana Hackshaw on Facebook….By the way…I love the Bridal shower photo’s..

    • corner post

      try Alana Elizabeth also, we must have multiple FB pages I see.

      • Frank Rizzo

        How stupid are young people…and how narcissistic is she to have multiple Facebook pages.

      • corner post

        When someone wants to be sketchy, there are soooo many ways.

  • Suzie Conford

    Alana should use spellcheck for word “industry” on her twitter page

    • BillyBrick

      Does she need to know how to spell to be on the Board of Education? Are you kidding me?

  • WilliamFoster8

    so all these people are coming out of the woodwork who don’t even attend the meetings and they want to be on the board now???? looks like if you compare the list of names looking for the political appointment from Flora w/the one of people running in november there are only six people on both–Talty, Campbel, Reid, Turner, White, Figula. Wohlrab (aka Babek) from the democratic committee and famed dem finance director. Teamed w/Pakala who works for the company owned by the muni chair of the monmouth cty dems–same one that runs Brick Farmers Market. then you got the Rs of Thulen, Finamore, Iannarone, Throw in retired commissioner of education Gagliardi and there is a quite an interesting list. Quite a web the politicos are spinning, quite a web. A lot of interest in a five month volunteer gig with the flora list.

    • anniesez

      Babek any relation to Flora’s boss at Brick High School when he was a teacher?

    • BillyBrick

      So Nick Montenegro resurfaces…sell your houses folks. He put Woska in. Is the infamous lawyer still costing the Brick taxpayers $$$$$ by litigating for Woska against Mel Persi???? Nick Montenegro was the presiding Brick Board of Ed attorney at the time of the incident. He continues to defend Woska after not being a board member since 2010. How much has Nick Montenegro made off the backs of Brick residents???? Interesting.

  • Richard J Frank

    Tom Gialanella would be a great addition to the board. He is an outstanding individual and educator who knows about education,I don’t know about politics!