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Hotel, 66 Apartments, Retail Space Formally Proposed for Brick Lot

The site where Marriott plans to build a 105 room hotel in Brick. (Credit: Google Maps)
The site where Marriott plans to build a 105 room hotel in Brick. (Credit: Google Maps)

A developer has submitted a formal proposal to build a 103 room hotel, 66 apartments and 39,475 square feet of retail space for an undeveloped lot on Route 88.

The location of the development, proposed by  The Kamson Corporation of Englewood, would be a 9.39-acre triangular plot of land across the street from the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority offices. The development would run from Route 88 back toward the intersection of Burrsville Road and Jack Martin Boulevard.

The lot is mostly vacant, though there is a 1.5-story frame dwelling, associated accessory structures such as trailers and sheds, and a billboard, all of which are proposed to be removed in connection with the development of the mixed use project.


According to Kamson’s filing with the planning board, the company will not seek any bulk or use variances associated with the project, but will seek design waivers for parking stall width and drive aisle width for the hotel portion of the proposed parking lot. The development will include parking lots for each use – the hotel, retail space and residential units – as well as internal roads, lighting, landscaping, outdoor plazas, a basketball court and stormwater maintenance facilities.

The project is expected to be heard by the township’s planning board July 22. It was initially scheduled to be heard June 24, but was postponed due to an issue with public notice requirements, Township Planner Michael Fowler said.

The prospect of a hotel being built at the site was first raised by Mayor John Ducey last fall, when he said Marriott was interested in developing the site. Ducey said at the time that the residential space would be located above the retail portion.


(Editor’s Note: This article initially stated the property on which the hotel is proposed was rezoned for mixed-use development earlier this year. The property was actually rezoned as “mixed use” in 2007.)

  • Mindy Murray Moich

    yeah well I believe there are crappy motels by Hackensack hospital. Since Meridian purchased Hackensack hospital and this hospital keeps expanding, I wonder if its a company Meridan has that’s interested in developing there.

    • JJones

      I’d rather sell to Meridan than have apartments built there

  • Frank Rizzo

    What makes everyone think we need a Motel or Hotel. The one on the Lakewood border across from Home Depot is sufficient. If not then I would guess the private motels we have would be more profitable and run better. Commercial land is not worth what it used to be.

    • Ralph

      I agree with Frank. Come to think of it, there is another Hotel up on Route 70 where it intersects with Route 9, and it’s never full… why would we need another corporate hotel? Just because an area has the space, doesn’t mean we have to fill it…

  • JW

    Back in the day I think there was chicken egg farm there, among the many others that used to dot this area.

  • Ralph

    Why this site? Residents there will see ridiculous amounts of traffic. Route 88 is already backed up for miles much of the day from the traffic lights in either direction!
    How about the huge eyesore of a site where the old supermarket used to be off Route 70? It’s huge, vacant, and has it’s own jughandle! Part of that project could be a requirement for the hotel to correct some of the traffic issues along that forgotten mile of bottleneck….
    Just sayin… I wouldn’t want a hotel off 88 there, it seems so peaceful there, and already burdened with traffic. Make it a park, tear down the structures and make it a nature’s preserve, quite, and less of a traffic burden on the area, less pollution for the residents, and put the big business up on the main Rt 70 highway corridor…

  • Concerned Brick Resident

    hotels a great idea with a Marriott, let this commercial company come in and give jobs to the local economy, but the apartments above the retail will become section 8/ slums within a year or two and make Marriott leave its a disaster from the start if u allow above retail apartments, don’t tell me middle class want to live there; that is a joke.