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BREAKING: Dan Toth Charged in Sex Act With Boy, 15

Dan Toth (Campaign Photo)
Dan Toth (Campaign Photo)

Former Brick Township Councilman and current council candidate Dan Toth was taken into custody Monday on charges of aggravated criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child, authorities with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to Shorebeat Tuesday morning.

Toth, 38, was arrested after a 15-year-old boy reported the incident to the Jackson police department, the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Toth voluntarily went Monday to Jackson police headquarters regarding the allegations, the prosecutor’s office said. Following an investigation that included Jackson police and Detective Melissa Matthews from the prosecutor’s office’s Special Victim’s Unit, with the assistance of the Ocean County High Tech Crime Unit, Toth was charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact and dndangering the welfare of a child.


Superior Court Judge Rochelle Gizinski set bail at $100,000 cash with no 10 percent bond option. Nicole’s Law, requiring Toth have no contact with his alleged victim, has been implemented and the Division of Child Protection and Permanency were notified.

Toth is not listed as an inmate at the Ocean County Jail, records showed.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    I hope this proves to be untrue, not for Dan Toth’s sake, who cares about Dan Toth, I hope it’s untrue for the kids sake. It’s the kid we have to worry about, not some slimy politician.

  • Janet Suriano

    I hope this is a mistake on first the children but also for Dan Toth. He always seemed like such a caring person. This is heartbreaking especially if there are innocent children who may have been hurt by this!!!

  • JW

    I always hate when people end up tried in the court of public opinion, so I won’t comment on Toth’s guilt or innocence- and neither should anyone else. The judge and jury do that.

    But seriously, is the Brick Republican Club cursed or something? Call a voodoo priestess for some mojo y’all. Mortgage fraud, conflicts of interest, no-show jobs. Panucci walked my block a few weeks ago and couldn’t get anyone to talk to him. Even I felt a little bad for him.

    • Mac

      With the current county leadership of the Republican Party, it’s understandable that the top of the line candidates we need in Ocean County will not be stepping forward to run for office and serve in office any time soon, if ever.

    • jo jo ormaz

      The Club is known for tossing out the good – “candidates” and putting in their own people ! [ look at who’s running it? ] they do it to themselves all the time.
      As I posted on another page; First it was the Superintendent of the BOE scam, Then you Have Frank [ $$$ job from Point and BOE deals ] and Mike [ with banking and lending issues and BOE deals ], now Dan with this sadness,,, Charlie working for Lakewood Builders and developers all over Brick [ there goes Brick in a basket ] ..
      The Dems, must be like???? is this real – and we didn’t have to do anything…..?
      But wait folks, can’t wait to see what happens with all those 15 ,,, 15? BOE candidates next…?” really 15 people fighting for 3 little spots…?? WOW..!!
      How many cronies are connected to whom…. who’s trying to line their pockets… News 12 and the media will begin to park their trucks in town quiet often come Oct and Nov.
      Chief – “the greatest show! “

      • BillyBrick

        Are you referring to the Republican Transportation Director for Brick Schools being tossed by his club when he was running for Mayor?

      • jo jo ormaz

        Ahhhh the Sangiovanni team, LOL..

        I almost forgot about them ?- who was that,,?? Joe, John Ciocco, Domenick Brando and they brought in Victoria for shark bait.?
        well now, at least we know who are all the republicans are.?”
        and lets not forget Madeline and Mike – think they’re republicans and we all know who’s Friends of Sharron: Larry, Walter and a Finance Director of a fund raiser.. who’s running. . ”
        this will only get better in time…”

      • anniesez

        Get with the times Joe, you know you replenish candidates every election. The new SANGIOVANNI TEAM for BOE is Thulen, Iannarone and Finnamore. VOTE FOR THULEN, IANNARONE AND FINNAMORE and help get Joe’s job back.

  • SoWhat?

    Very little information to pass judgment on the guy. If he was coaching him in some type of manner it could all be a mistake of incidental contact, but I don’t think he would be arrested for that.
    Many men won’t coach children because of false charges of sexual assault or intimidation. It’s not worth it.
    The thing that makes him look bad is that he is a wrestler. Most wrestlers like rubbing up against other males, that’s well known.
    I hope the charges are not true, but if they are, it’s tragic for all involved.

    • Johnny 1979

      Very little information to pass judgement but let’s make it clear al”l wrestlers like rubbing up against other males”

      • DennyD

        You should take your act on the road Johnny.

      • Johnny 1979

        You open for me its a deal!

      • Kris Kopsaftis

        Im no racist….but let me tell you something about black people….

  • Mark Story Jenks

    If the teenager is lying, he may have underlying psychological problems demanding attention but he still ruined a mans reputation. If the teenager is telling the truth, the man ruined his own reputation and the teenager may end up with psychological problems.

  • SoWhat?

    Toth is a pension padder.

    Toth is employed by Ocean County government as a garage attendant in the Vehicle Services Department. The Board of Freeholders appointed Toth on March 3, 2014 and his salary is $32,150, according to Keith J. Goetting, director of employee relations.

    “I suspended him, effective (Monday), without pay, pending the outcome of the criminal complaints that were filed against him,” Goetting said.

    I thought Dan Toth ran a full time job as an alcohol salesman, import/ exporter? He is a wine distributor? He also works as a sales rep for his family real estate agency.
    I would like to know how many hours a week he worked as a ” garage attendant” for the county.
    Someone should investigate if it was a no show job and if he used county time to do his other careers.

    • JW

      I wonder if the county will advertise that opening if they decide to rehire someone for it. Somehow, I doubt that Ocean County follows the letter and spirit of civil service hiring rules 100% of the time!

  • Chief Wahoo

    It’s for the children. It’s always for the children….DEMOCRAT. REPUBLICAN. IT DOES NOT MATTER.. Nothing ever changes in Bricktucky the Greatest Show on Earth….What a cesspool

    • Stephen Kuber

      that’s not fair and I think your Dad would agree with me. If you remember John B. as a kid who was falsely charged with the same and lost his family and job teaching back in the early 1970’s . A few years later the same girls tried to pull the same scam on another teacher to pass but got caught. They admitted to falsely charging John but no matter as his life and reputation was trashed by then. Wait for the facts and be sure first, always worth walking a mile in their moccasin,to seek the truth

  • Art Sholty..FF (R)

    I never cared for Bullet Dan Toth and even if he is found guiltiness his actions desire a better person running for election in November……….please don’t vote for this cheapskate.

  • Nan

    This was a very public matter in Aug 2015 and going forward. We should have all the info on this agreement and what it was made.

    This man’s name is forever tainted but the accuser may have fabricated the charge or embellished simple body contact which occurs in wrestling.

    Whatever happened to speedy, and public trials.

    Wise Up and Rise Up.