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Brick Officials Have Courted High-End Supermarkets, Retailers for Foodtown Site

The former Foodtown site off Route 70 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The former Foodtown site off Route 70 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

After terminating an agreement with a developer after six years of inaction at the site of the former Foodtown supermarket on Route 70, Brick officials began courting potential occupants for the space, though so far none have committed to purchase the plot.

Mayor John Ducey said Tuesday that his administration has reached out to a number of high-end supermarket chains, including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Wegman’s regarding the site, as well as Cabella’s – a retailer of outdoor equipment – and the restaurant and entertainment chain Dave and Buster’s.

All cited potential issues with the site, Ducey said, including two that would not open a new location due to New Jersey’s laws on liquor licenses. According to Ducey, Wegman’s declined because executives felt the site was too small and Whole Foods declined because it is currently building a store just four miles away in neighboring Wall Township. Trader Joe’s and Dave and Buster’s did not have an interest in expanding to Brick because New Jersey’s liquor laws restrict the number of licenses that can be held by a corporation under its own name, the mayor said.


Finally, Cabella’s declined because the company felt there was not enough interest in hunting in the Brick area.

“We have ideas for other stores to come in,” said Ducey, who took suggestions from a Normandy Beach resident who works in the supermarket industry at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Another idea being considered by township officials is allowing the site to be developed by a company that would operate an indoor sports complex, which would include an indoor playing field and other amenities, Ducey said.

The lawsuit filed against the township by M&M Realty Partners, the former developer, is still pending, Ducey said, though the township has the right to sell the property despite the legal wranglings.

In the lawsuit, M&M claims that their right to develop the lot should still stand. The township, in terminating the redeveloper’s agreement with M&M, has held that the company failed to pay a required $100,000 deposit on the property and missed a number of deadlines that were set by a previous township council for the property to be redeveloped. Had M&M developed the site, they would have had to pay Brick Township $7.5 million under the terms of the agreement.

  • Glenn

    Xanadu South!!

  • Spell Check

    NO business’s want to come to brick?? not surprised. Its sad the faith for this place, we will probably have to wait even more years, before something will start here. if not ever.

    I just hope that brick does not drop the ball on the restaurant at traders cove

    • BrickJoel

      agreed, That could become a potential Land mark. My wife and I go up to Pier Village in Long Branch all the time,, and we ask our self’s – why don’t they have this in Brick? you have major road way access,potential to build a “Paying Parking garage” to put money back into town.. marine access. they had at one time to place $600K -1.5 Million dollar Town homes – with real Tax rateables – to stabilize taxes..?

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Erect a mooring mast for airship rides to New York. Plenty of parking available, and they can garage the blimp in a hangar at Lakehurst overnight. They’ve got plenty of room.

  • JW

    Retail is a pond of a given size. Build something there, some other merchant will lose business. I’d opt for a mega strip club personally, but I don’t think the puritans would like that very much.

    • Frank Rizzo

      Figures some low life piece of trash like you would want to bring that to a town that is already teetering. Glad you openly call yourself a liberal so people can see how follish you libs are.

      • JW

        Only a closeted homosexual wouldn’t want a strip club in this town! Fun fun fun and boobs boobs boobs! Why so gay all of the sudden, Frank?

      • avgjoe

        no flash strip clubs bring low lifes, crime & drugs to the areas where they are. All you have to do is look where theres a strip club & youll see above mentioned Also theres the “church’ next door thats shares the parking lot . For some reason ( an oz of common sense for 1) I dont think theyd be in favor of that

      • JW

        You’re describing Houston, TX to a tee.

  • walter.f.campbell

    Election time ploy used by both political groups…end result NOTHING!!!

  • Frank Rizzo

    The Pathmark center will be the next one….retail is ending as you know it…we will have this problem many times over.

  • realcheeseyo

    Would a park be so bad? Plenty of other places for retail to expand too. Pathmark plazza could sure use something. Make it a park and call it a day.

  • Jerseygal

    Please please PLEASE cant this be turned into a park that would be a nice extension of forge pond??? The Pathmark is going out of business by November, there is already an existing building, maybe Wegmans would be interested in that site.

  • Frank Rizzo

    More of these will become vacant. Best Buy soon…followed by many strip malls like to one on Mantolooking Road that has never been occupied by the firehouse. There is no longer a need for these buildings as retail has changed to an on line experience and many small private business such as pharmacy’s and video stores are a memory. When the Pathmark center goes bust they should foreclose on it, tear the buildings down and bring the land back to it’s natural state.

    • avgjoe

      SO have you heard something about Best Buy no one else knows? Also as for the Pathmark parcel so what are we supposed to do with the other dozen stores in the complex Einstein? Also another chain might pick it up id like to see a Acme come in

  • Emma

    Could you explain Trader Joe’s liquor license reason for not wanting to open a store in Brick? While some Trader Joe’s sell alcohol, the store I shop at in Shrewsbury does not.

  • SB

    We don’t need another store. There are a ton of empty places now! A roller rink might be nice or a rec center, something targeted toward younger people. A park would be great, too.

  • Frank Rizzo
  • Deborah Butters Cogill


  • Spell Check

    Off track betting

  • avgjoe

    OK for the idiots on the town council how about courting a nice hotel/banquet facility? the area is in need of another nice hotel like the Hilton on the Lakewood boarder (yes we have a dozen of 2 low end 1 0r 2 star hotels) and the area is in desperate need of banquet facilities. This is a prime area on forge pond for a beautiful background/setting. It could even feature a nice “picnic area by the pond. I want to know who the genius was who thought Cabellas would move to a metro area like Brick? and how clueless to think whole foods would build a store in Brick with a store in Wall. Doesnt the town council read the papers or local news? Dave & Busters are always in a busy mall type setting never a by themselves alone setting. Is this the “best & brightest ideas” Mayor McCheese & gang could come up with? Almost as good as taking the Summer-fest away from local non-profits & giving to out of town vendors who charge more & give nothing back to the town.

    • BrickJoel

      ” Is this the “best & brightest ideas” Mayor McCheese & gang could come up with?” Oh-My-God – I think I just Sharted myself! it’s The best line I’ve read all night long!

  • Nate

    The Pathmark store might close, watch the A&P in Brick Plaza will close also. I went in there and it was dark and gloomy ! Why would any store want to build new when they might pick up a cheap existing lease like the A&P store in a busy Plaza.