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Brick Police Hope to ID Woman Who Illegally Took, Used Debit Card


Brick police are investigating an incident in which a woman took a debit card out of an ATM machine where it had been mistakenly left by another person, then used it at several local stores.

The female in the attached pictures is suspected of using a debit card that was left behind in the ATM Machine at the Santander Bank located at 614 Route 70, the Kohls shopping plaza. On Aug. 6, the victim used his ATM card at that location, and upon completing his transaction left his card. Shortly thereafter, the female found the card in the machine and used it during the next three days at several local businesses, Brick police Sgt. Larry Petrola said.

Anyone who believes that they recognize the female in the attached pictures, is being asked to contact Detective Michael Bevacqua in the Brick Township Police Detective Bureau at 732-262-4612. They can also contact the Brick Township Police directly at 732-262-1100.



  • Average Joe

    Don’t transactions at many stores require a PIN to be entered at the point of sale? Or is it only transactions over a certain amount?

    • JW

      Some make you sign for it and others pin it in. I’ve never known the rhyme or reason behind it.

      • Frank Rizzo

        If they put it through as credit or debit is the answer. They sometimes benefit by using the debit feature unless you demand they use the credit side.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Many debit cards can also be used as credit cards at the point of sale. All one needs to do, depending on the card reading machine, is hit the green button for “credit”, and then instead of typing in a pin just scribble in a name. The machine may or may not require a signature, but cashiers never compare it to the signature on the card. If it even is signed.