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Brick Purchases Portable Stage, Light Towers, Hydraulic Trailer

The Brick Township municipal complex. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Brick Township municipal complex. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick officials recently placed their seal of approval on three items funded through the annual capital budget.

The township council approved the purchase of portable staging, four light towers and a hydraulic trailer. The portable staging will replace current staging that is in disrepair and for which replacement parts are no longer manufactured, said Council President Paul Mummolo.

A $10,332 contract for the staging was awarded to Stagedrop LLC of Forked River. The staging will be used at events at Windward Beach Park, the Cultural Arts Center on Herbertsville Road and other events throughout the township, Mummolo said.


The light towers, which total $29,480, will be used at numerous township events, including to light the fields behind Veterans Memorial Elementary School.

“Each year the township rents four portable light towers to light four fields at the Vets complex,” said Councilwoman Andrea Zapcic. “Ever year now, the prices go up and up and up. At this point, it is cost-advantageous for us to actually buy the light towers.”

The towers will pay for themselves in under four years, Zapcic said. The contract to supply the towers was awarded to Kiely Equipment of Long Branch.

Finally, the hydraulic trailer will be used so additional boats can be fit into storage at Traders Cove Marina. Mayor John Ducey said the investment in the trailer will allow the marina to generate more revenue each year.

The contract to supply the trailer was awarded to Hostar Marine Transport of Wareham, Mass. for $34,995.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    One day I hope the powers that be in this town get Summerfest back on track, back to what it once was, every Thursday night from June until almost September with top entertainment and fantastic food selections from exceptional food vendors. I would love to see them bring back Big Joe, he knew how to keep the party going before the show and the intermissions. When little old Bayville beat us out on attendance and better entertainment ( and this year they did as did they year before that and the year before that) you know that somebody has to be either replaced or appointed to get Brick’s Summerfest back on track.

  • Ryan Dunn

    Most marinas in town would love to have a brand new $35,000 Hydraulic Trailer. It must be nice to use my tax dollars to compete against other marinas in town. Town should probably open a bait shop and snack stand and see how many other businesses on Mant Rd you can hurt with their own tax dollars. Keep up the good work.

    • Beaton’s Boatyard

      Well Said Mr. Dunn

    • JJones

      I agree with you Ryan…waste of money

    • Art Sholty..FF (R)

      For years now, the past administration was booed by the same one’s who now have purchased the trailer……I’m not against purchasing the trailer, I’m all for it because it’s about time that this marina makes some money. Building dwellings is not recommended because inhabitants will need to send their kids to school and that takes more money…………..the trailer was a good idea but why so late? Now when the snow is on the ground……….Traders Cove will be in the $$$$$$…..a Republican idea………..let me hear it boo birds but think first…..whos idea was it first????

  • Chief Wahoo

    This fascism.

  • Spell Check

    we dont need this stuff, why did you need to rent light towers for vets field for so long. the place has to many light towers as it is already. upgrades on the permanent lighting systems over there would be more cost effective the ones that probably cost the tax payers enormous $$ to run them. & stop the nonsense things at traders cove and open up a restaurant on the other side, Its an eyesore and can become the most beautiful viewed restaurant on the water in all of the jersey shore. but brick will mess this up and fail like every other project, time for new people to stand up in this town and fix it.