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Brick Schools Manage Late Influx of New Students

Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)

There’s nothing like waiting until the eleventh hour, the saying goes. In Brick, that practice is alive and well.

The township’s school district hired two new kindergarten teachers and a fifth grade teacher last week after an influx of students necessitated the expansion of staff, officials said.

“Unfortunately, it’s been a pattern lately,” said Interim Superintendent Richard Caldes. “The first week of school, we’re still going to have people coming in to register kids.”


Most of the new students are, not surprisingly, kindergartners, though other grades gained pupils as well. Caldes said in the area of town that sends students to Osbornville Elementary School, 20 new students were registered in a two-week time span. Other schools picked up new students as well, leading to the recent hirings.

The new kindergarten teachers were hired at Warren H. Wolf Elementary School and Veterans Memorial Elementary School; the fifth grade teacher was hired at Veterans Memorial Elementary School as well. Their salaries ranged from $51,565 – an entry level salary at the first step in the district’s guide – to $61,960 for an experienced teacher who returned to the district at the guide’s eleventh step.

In one school, kindergarten class sizes would have neared 27 students if more staff was not hired. The preference is no more than 22 students per class, Caldes said.

  • ThereRnoFiscalConservatives

    “The township’s school district hired two new kindergarten teachers and a fifth grade teacher last week after an influx of students”

    You mean an influx of ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN that put a burden on actual tax paying citizens?
    The ILLEGAL ALIENS that apartment complexes illegally rent apartments to?

  • SoWhat?

    Trump for President

    • BrickJoel

      Love it !

  • JW

    $51,565 is an entry level salary? God damn it did I pick the wrong profession.

    • BrickJoel

      Back in the 70’s and 80’s if you “Failed” – in College – you became a Teacher? the only part that kept you there – was the “Benefit Package”

      • BillyBrick

        Brick Joel, “Wisconsin man charged in Beaumont hotel death”. Would you know anything about that? Confidentiality isn’t what it used to be.

      • george walker

        Iannarone and Finnamore have a convicted felon voting for them. What next? I’d lose those 6 votes Madeline and disavow all knowledge of this guy Joel.

      • BrickJoel

        Well there G’,, Guess 1/2 of Brick should pack up and move out already..? lol everyday you read on Shrorebeat – what do you see – – “another criminal from Brick,,” while the other 1/2-3/4’s already live here?,,,,,[with more coming], maybe at one time; you hired someone to cut your lawn,cut your trees,plow your driveway, fix your house,fix your HVAC system,cook or serve your food, fix your car- take your credit card while working at one of those stores around town – or maybe – a home health aide or possible taxi driver from the town..the list can go on and on…?
        I’m sure your no stranger to it either…. what about Scarpelli,,,he may have had some issues? – but he still tried to get things done in this town and was a good guy!!,… [doesn’t he have a release date coming up…??]…

        flash back people-any connections here?:

        “Scarpelli admitted by answering in the affirmative that
        he received the payments in Brick and in other unnamed locales in Ocean County.”
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        This is not facebook – I’m tired of this nonsense – can we move on now,,,,,,,,?”

      • BrickJoel

        there may be a lot of things we can discuss – there’s always 3 sides to every story..

      • BillyBrick

        Googling images to post on this site to promote substandard, unqualified candidates with poor backgrounds should be what we discuss, but somehow, I know you are not interested in that conversation. Should I share the link to your picture Joel, or will that expose Madeline and Victor’s integrity or lack thereof.

      • WilliamFoster8

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      • JW

        With wages so hopelessly depressed these days, they’re the only ones making a decent, reliably middle class salary anymore.

  • BrickJoel

    Influx of children?? !! Really – never heard of that one….. Thank the Planning and Zoning Board people [ I’m sure someone knows their names ] – they Vote and Approve what Condos + Condo’s+Condo’s and Many more Condo’s are coming to Brick! They say it’s for the Rateables..? Really – according to the math by the “Professionals” – up there who take t

    he seat to be on the board. They approve it,, claim that the revenue will stabilize the “Tax Problem here in Brick” .. funny thing – I’m not seeing it? I see teachers and Admins get big raises, town officials with stability growth – meanwhile our taxes go up!

    How many “more {Rentals] Condos”- will it take in Brick to Lower the public’s taxes even $1.00???

    • BillyBrick

      I guess you better rethink your family’s 8 votes because your hardworking gal Madeline Iannarone is on the Planning Board for Brick that approved that housing. you can say Thank you Madeline Colagiovanni Iannarone for voting yes on all these apartments for the black hats to own and rent to section 8.

      • BrickJoel

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        can you provide a list? of that information that you seem to know?
        Just asking? you seem to have the details, so – please share? what deals were cut..? maybe I will listen..

  • Frank Rizzo

    Tear down as many houses as we can..lower our school burden