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Brick to Add Much-Requested Street Sweeper; Purchase New Garbage Trucks

A street sweeper in Arlington, Va. (Photo: Arlington County)
A street sweeper in Arlington, Va. (Photo: Arlington County)

Haven’t seen a street sweeper on your block in a while? It’s one of the most frequent requests Mayor John Ducey says he receives from residents.

“A lot of people request it,” Ducey said, announcing that the township would add another street sweeper to its fleet in order to be able to respond to more requests from residents.

The township council authorized the solicitation of bids for the street sweeper at its Aug. 11 meeting.


“A lot of big cities have full time guys doing that,” said Ducey. “We don’t have that in Brick and we’re not going to be doing that, but we do have a utility crew whose job it is to go out and clean the streets.”

Residents whose streets are in need of sweeping are able to request a street sweeper come down their block by filling out an E-Service request form online.

“If you see a need in your neighborhood, please let us know,” Ducey said.

The township will also be keeping its fleet of garbage trucks updated. The township is soliciting bids for new 2016 automated garbage trucks and two traditional rear-loader garbage trucks, since the township still picks up garbage in cans from certain locations.

“We’re short a few trucks and we still have a lot of old vehicles,” said Councilman Jim Fozman.

The new garbage trucks, as well as the street sweeper, will be funded through the township’s 2015 capital budget.

  • Scott


    • avgjoe

      Yes Scott I agree but unfortunately every town & almost every neighbor hood has at least 1 dirt-bag who does not maintain their property. They may cut their grass 3 times a year if lucky the brush is over grown & it almost looks abandoned.

    • JW

      I did that a few weeks ago actually, but only because I thought the street sweeper had already come in the spring. I was talking to my neighbor about that just before I did it actually, questioning whether I could get away with waiting some more.

      This explains everything. We used to have the streetsweeper come by twice a year at least. I guess their old one broke.

  • lazereye15

    i was going to say the same thing scott

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    A few weeks ago I was stuck behind a street sweeper on Jordan Road, I was fascinated by it as it was not the typical street sweeper that we are all used to. It was very modern, the brushes underneath were different and man did it clean. It was moving very slowly,I wanted to watch it work. I reached a side street I could turn down and beat it to a point where I could watch it come down the road. (Yes I’m very easily entertained by big machinery, love to watch them work) Not only did I get to watch it work, it turned around where I was and started go down the other side of Jordan. I hope these are the Street Sweeper Brick is getting, I figure it was owned by the County as Jordan is a county road. It did a better job than the old ones ever did. Jordan looked great ( for about a day, then the slobs starting throwing crap out of their car windows again as usual).

    • SoWhat?

      That wasn’t a street sweeper you saw. It was my neighbor’s wife out for her morning “jog” around the neighborhood.

  • Chief Wahoo

    $$$$$$$treet $$$$$$weepers are a waste of $$$$$$…..but who cares.