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Construction to Close Burrsville Rd. Northbound Next Week


Brick police said Thursday that Burrsville Road Will be closed much of next week during the day due to road paving.

Burrsville Road northbound between Jack Martin Boulevard and Lanes Mill Road will be closed to vehicular traffic from Monday, Aug. 17 through Thursday, Aug. 20, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for paving. 

Burrsville Road southbound will remain open to vehicular traffic. 


 Detours will be set in place either utilizing Route 88 west to Lanes Mill Road north to Burnt Tavern Road, or from Jack Martin Boulevard south to Route 70 east to Burnt Tavern Road, police said. 

 On those days during the project, Burrsville Road will be open to vehicular traffic north and southbound during the hours construction is not in progress.      

  • JJones

    Thank god that road is a mess…THANK YOU ..

    • JW

      I said that yesterday as we were coming back from the movies. Burrsville is one big bleeding pot hole.

      • JJones

        It only took the county two years to fix it….or is because of the parkway new entrances and exits ….

      • JW

        Could be on account of the Parkway work, but that road has been in lousy shape for 15 years when the MUA tore it up to put in a water main for the reservoir. It would be like them to just kick the can down the road waiting on the Parkway Authority to do something. I doubt they will do much repaving on the part closest to Lanes Mill Road and the 7-11, which may be the worst stretch- there’s a part next to that red office building that is just one big filled in pothole.

  • SoWhat?

    .It is bad enough that the highways have no sidewalks in this town, but then when they rebuild the streets, they don’t even add shoulders for walking or bike riders. .